Why Your Kids Basketball Hoop Height Is So Important

Help Your Child To Success In Kids Basketball Shooting


Shooting is central to kids basketball coaching and is typically the part of the sport that children enjoy the most with high fives, cheers and smiles all round when your child scores the perfect swoosh. When your children are in the early stages of their time on the basketball court it is key that they have a good experience with shooting so that this become something that they enjoy and want to master. In order to do this two things are key, first of all the task of shooting should be set up in an achievable manner to maximize the chances of success, the formation of the correct technique and for the development of shooting confidence.

The Importance Of The Right Height Of Basket Net

As a young child standing in front of a full size 10 foot basketball net can feel like the basketball hoop is up in the sky surrounded by clouds. Trying to reach this height of net develops poor form where power is prioritized over good technique and children will often lose confidence and interest in shooting. To avoid derailing your child’s chances of become a top basketball shooter it is critical that children use a net appropriate to their developmental level. Here is a chart to show the sizes of basketball hoops that we use in our children’s basketball classes as part of the Kidster prorgam.

Age GroupNet Size
5-76 feet
8-108 feet
119 feet
12+10 feet

For children under the age of 3 these stand alone basketball nets that can be placed on the floor are the best option and are typically between 3-5 feet in height. The great thing about these nets is that they can potentially be used in an indoor or garden stetting even with only a small amount of space.

Giving You Child The Right Size Of Ball

Putting the right size of basketball in your child’s hands ensures that your child develops solid technique rather than fundamentals being compromised as is often the case if children have to prioritize the generation of power in order to throw the ball high enough to reach the basket! Here is a guide to the size of basketball that your child should be using at each age.

Age GroupBall Size
9 and underSize 5 (27 inches)
10-12Size 6 (28.5 inches)
12+Size 7 (29.5 inches)

You can pick up these basketballs at most sports stores including Sun and Sand Sports

How To Improve Your Child’s Shooting Ability Step By Step

Identify The Dominant Shooting Hand

The dominant hand should be placed behind the basketball with the guide hand on the side. Typically the dominant hand is the hand that children use for writing and will be the hand that they use for any other sporting movements.

Three Fun Steps To A Perfect Basketball Shooting Action

  1. Pizza Position- Ask your child to mimic the way in which a waiter holds a pizza  with the palm facing up and fingers pointing towards to nose ad face.
  2. Pick Your Nose- To make sure that children have the perfect position ask them to pretend to pick their nose with their index finger to ensure that the shooting hand starts close to the face.
  3. Shoot and Follow Through- When throwing there pizza (basketball) have your child hold their finish position to check that the arms and hands follow through to the target.

Eyes On The Prize!

Children can develop into instinctive shooters by focussing on the target as they prepare to shoot. this allows their subconscious brain to control the power, trajectory and direction of the shot which produces a much higher success rate than employing a more deliberate and measured action. A great way to do this is to have your child look at the target then just before shooting close their eyes and release the shot. This will help your child to appreciate the importance of building up a picture of the target in the head and then to release the ball instinctively.

Start With The Knees For More Power

When your child is shooting from a range that is at the limit of their current ability this is a great chance to help them to understand the importance of using the whole body when shooting and to transfer power from the ground up. Have your child bend their knees to start the movement and then exploding up into the shot. This will likely increase the power and distance that they are able to throw the ball an extra 20-30% and help your child appreciate that the power in a basketball shot doesn’t come solely from the upper body.

How To Find Kids Basketball Coaching Near Me?

Shooting is a central part to kids basketball lessons and we hope that this article has given you a nudge in the right direction to ensuring that your child has fun when shooting at the basketball hoop. If your child is expressing an interest in basketball then why not get started with our children’s basketball academy as part of the Kidster program where your children can receive a 30 Day Free Trial of unlimited Basketball coaching sessions as well as coaching in 8 other sports as well!

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