Who Are The Best Role Models In Kids Football?

The Best Football For Kids Role Models

Who Are The Best Role Models In Kids Football?

Within kids sports coaching and in particular with regards to football for kids children tend to learn at a very fast rate within our kids football academy if they are able to mirror high ability players that they want to become as they advance with their kids football training program. In this article we take examples of well known professional footballers from past and present that your little kids football fanatic can find on youtube or even watch in live games to pick up skills, habits and techniques that will accelerate their progress within their kids football classes at their local kids football academy.

Kids Football Goal Keepers

Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon is an Italian footballing legend and has played for Juventus for his whole career. Throughout his career Buffon has displayed incredible shot stopping ability and is a great role model for children to copy in terms of diving and parrying technique within kids football. In addition to this it is worth noting that after the Italian match fixing scandal that saw Juventus relegated to Serie B many stars left the club but not Buffon who stayed showing loyalty to his home team to quickly bring back the glory days.

Peter Schmeichel

The giant Dane goal keeper helped the class of 92 Manchester United team to success in many league titles under famous manager Sir Alex Fergurson. Though Schmeichel was tall in stature who also spread himself and narrowed the angle for strikers by advancing towards players in one on one situations which made it difficult for strikers to beat him. In terms of technical ability as a goal keeper the Great Dane would be the number one choice on most goalkeeper coaches list as a role model within kids football in Dubai.

Kids Football Defender Role Models

Gary Neville

Of all of the players in this list Gary Neville is one of the least talented player and yet his hardwork, dedication and consistency helped him on his way to becoming one of the best defenders of all time. For any child attending kids football classes who is a more defensive minded full back they can learn a lot from Gary’s positional player, tactical awareness and crossing ability that will help them to become one of the best full backs within their kids football academy.

John Terry

JT played at the heart of Chelsea’s defense for the lions share of his career and was also a regular fixture in the England defensive line alongside Rio Ferdinand. By having your little one model their playing style on John Terry they will develop excellent tackling skills, bravery and leadership skills and place a strong value on the importance of physical fitness. At Kids DXB our coaching team would agree that in terms of a defensive role model John Terry tops the lists of players that we try to have our children imitate within our kids football academy.

Kids Football Midfielder Role Models

Roy Keane

For children with strong leadership skills, enjoy tackling and have high levels of fitness Roy Keane is a great player for children to model their game on. Roy Keane regularly controlled games with his presence on the pitch and could control the whole match by dominating opposing players. That said the Irishman’s discipline was sometimes reckless and some of his sending off’s can be used as an opportunity to teach the importance of level headedness and control within football for kids.

Steven Gerrard

Gerrard is one of the most dynamic midfield players and a Liverpool legend who captained the merseyside reds for many year. Stevie G is a great role model for children with a lot of energy playing in a midfield role within kids football. When watching footage of Gerrard children should ai to emulate his box to box style where you see him playing key roles at both ends of the pitch scoring goals as an attacker and also making vital tackles and interceptions to nullify opposition attacks. Steven Gerrard is also a captain who led by example and as such is a great model for children who are appoinred as captain within their kids football classes or football academy.

David Beckham

This english midfielder was a specialist in crossing and free kicks and is a great role model for children who are wide midfield players that are more focussed on their passing abilities rather than their speed. Beckham was famous for spending countless hours practicing his free kicks, corners and crossing and this paid dividends for both club and country where Beckham excelled for both Manchester United and England as a right midfielder. Watching footage of Beckham can help your child to learn how to curl the ball and to develop consistent crossing technique within kids football.

Xavi and Andres Iniesta

These Spanish playmaker’s helped Barcelona to champions league titles and multiple domestic honours playing in the centre of a midfield of a team that some argue is the best team of all time. By having your children watch these two players they can learn the value of close control, two footedness and passing ability and how to play as a technically minded attacking midfielder.

Andrea Pirlo

This Italian midfield maestro is regarded by many as the ultimate defensive midfield play makers of all time. What Pirlo lacks in speed and strength he makes up for with incredible awareness of the game, passing ability and vision and is a great role model for your child within kids football if they are more of a technical rather than physical player. By have your child watch Andrea Pirlo they will also witness great leadership skills that your child can take into their kids football classes at their football academy.

Kids Football Striker Role Models

Lionel Messi

Regarded by many as the most talented player of all time Messi is one of the most prolific strikers of all time. You can find hours of footage on youtube of Messi beating defenders with trickery and skill and scoring hundreds of goal for Barcelona who he has played for since he was a child. If your child has a lot of skill and is a more slight build Messi is a great player for children to watch to help them to appreciate the importance of skill and how defenders can be beaten with a low centre of gravity. Messi is also renowned for playing with high levels of sportsmanship and also for being an unselfish team player which is a great attribute for your children to take into their kids football academy particurarlly if they are one of the more talented players in within their kids football classes.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This Portugese striker is a great role model within kids football for so many reasons. Born from a poor family with a heart condition and also a skinny frame Ronaldo has become one of the most prolific strikers of all time through an incredible work ethic. Ronaldo is renowned for his physical attributes of speed and strength as well as incredible shooting abilities. By having your child watch footage of Cristiano Ronaldo from an early age when he was playing for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United and comparing this to the peak of his career at Real Madrid and Juventus your child will learn to value the importance of training and dedication within kids football.

Didier Drogba

The African and Chelsea striker displayed great consistency and goal scoring ability during his prime. Drogba played as more of a traditional centre forward who would hold the ball up with his back to goal and link in with other players as well as having great heading ability and finishing skills. If your child has a strong build and a powerful running style then Drogba can be a great player to emulate. As a senior player Drogba also displayed a great balance between demanding a lot from his teammates and also supporting them to fulfill their potential which is a great attribute that any budding captain should try to emulate within football for kids.

How To Find A Kids Football Academy Near Me?

Now that your children are equipped with some professional players that they can watch in live games or on youtube now might be the perfect time to get your child involved in football for kids by having them join a kids football academy With our popular unlimited kids sports coaching program at Kidster which offers unlimited sports coaching in eight different sports including kids football available every Friday and Saturday from 8:20am-6:20pm. If you would like to get started you can take a 30 day free trial of this kids sports academy at your earliest convenience.


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