What Is Good Value For Kids Activities In Dubai?

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What Is Good Value For Kids Activities In Dubai?

As a parent look for a kids activity Dubai can be an expensive place particularly when looking for kids sports coaching or a kids sports academy in your local area. In this article we look at some of the options available in a variety of different sports.

Cost Per Kids Sports Coaching Session Session

When looking around the internet for searches such as kids sports academy near me and cheap kids sports coaching there are a variety of different options available. Whether you are looking for football coaching, a kids dance academy or tennis training for kids you will find companies offering services in the region of 70-120 dirhams per class with a total twelve week term of sports related kids netting to between 800 and 1500 dirhams per term. Typically this includes a weekly coaching session and some sports coaching kit. Some academies also have advanced programs with multiple sessions per week but this tends to spike the price upwards of 2000 dirhams per term for kids sports coaching in Dubai.

Long Term Athletic Development

Long term athletic development suggests that children between the ages of 3-11 should be involved in multiple sports to maximize their chances of success later when they specialize. As such we recommend that all children in primary school are involved in at least three sports before later specializing in one or two in secondary school. This allows for the development of strong fundamental movement skills like speed, power and agility that are transferable to other sports so that children can become well rounded athletes.

The Ten Thousand Hour Rule In Kids Sports

The 10,000 hour rule suggests that in order to achieve mastery in any kids sports children should partake in 10,000 hour of cumulative sports coaching or practice. This equates to playing or practicing the sport everyday for 3 hours for ten years. This is a tall order and goes to show just how much time children need to spend involved in sports related kid activities. In addition to this children in Dubai are at another disadvantage due to the nature of accomadation in Dubai with many children living in isolated villas or apartments there is limited opportunity for children to develop their sporting skills in a less formal setting meaning that children miss out on hours of sports related kids activities per week compared to children based in other countries making it all the more important for children to be involved in multiple kids sports academy coaching sessions each week so that they get enough exposure to sports.

Kids Sports Coaching Yearly Costs

Considering this taking an average cost of 80 dirhams per hour you can be looking at a total investment in excess of 10,000 dirhams over the course of the year for your child’s sports coaching on top of the already pricey school fees and thats just if your child is doing one hour per week, which from our experience is not enough to help your child to achieve mastery in kids sports by the time they are in their late teens.

A More Economical Kids Sports Academy

If you are looking for a more economical way of doing things without sacrificing long term progress in kids sports then why not try our unique unlimited kids sports coaching service at Kidster. Available every weekend we have 8 different sports on offer available with quality children’s sports coaching throughout the day. Unlike other companies offering kids sports academy style services as a Kidster member you child will unlock access to unlimited sports coaching mean the more sports training for kids sessions that they attend the cheaper the unit price of the kids activities becomes. At rates as low as 359 dirhams per month and with most of our parents attending at least 12 sessions per month this equates to an average cost per kids sports coaching sessions of under 30 dirhams a classes which is less than half the price of similar service providers of kids activities in Dubai.

Unlimited Sports Related Kids Activities 30 Day Free Trial

The best part about Kidster is that you can try our unlimited kids sports activity based service for free for 30 days before becoming a paying member. Like hundreds of parents who have used our service this gives you the chance to try all 8 of our different sports for between 4 and 5 weekends. On average our children take over 10 hours of sports coaching during the free trial making it the best deal in town for kids sports coaching with an estimated worth of 800 dirhams. Here is a video from our program director with more information about the Kidster program.

What About Privates Sports Coaching For Kids?

If you are looking to accelerate your child’s progress within their favorite kids activity then private kids sports coaching can be a great way to help your child to benefit from one on one attention and more technical information through the use of video analysis. Typically for these sessions pricing is roughly 150 dirhams for 30 minutes or 300 dirhams per hour when purchased as a package of kids sports coaching lessons. As a Kidster member you will be able to get a 40% discount on our private sports coaching for kids sessions meaning that your child will be able to take one on one tuition for as little as 125 dirhams per hour for our best value packages again ensuring that kids DXB offers a rate of less than 50% of other private sports coaching based kids activities in Dubai.

How To Get Started?

If you would like to get started with a free trial of our unlimited sports coaching service you can do so today. When signing up for Kidster you are able to set your start date at any point in the future so don’t worry if you can’t start straight away due to travel or other commitments, just secure a space in our sports academy whilst the trial is still available. If you have any further questions about our service which is hands down the best value kids sports academy in the region then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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