The Real Priority: Sports or Studies?

There comes a time in every child’s life where he has to choose his priority, the constant struggle with balancing sports and studies. There are arguments on both sides to which should be given more importance. The time for a student to choose between jack of all or a master in one. 

One would come to believe that studies is everything, and if you don’t focus everything in studies right now, you won’t end up with a job in the future. Another one might oppose stating that there is a time for everything, and at a young age a child should focus on his physical development and have fun. The fact is that both are somewhat right! Studies isn’t everything in life, but it isn’t nothing. Focusing on your studies can take you to a lot of places. A degree and education is a mandate to survive in this world at the moment. You will obtain various opportunities and can change your life. You should never neglect his education. But this doesn’t mean you can not try sports.

The importance of sports is ignored in certain communities around the world. It can really impact the future of a child. It teaches a child not only to be physically active and healthy, but it inculcates various values such as leadership, time management, achieving goals. Sports can teach you lessons which sometimes cannot be taught in a classroom. So where should YOU prioritize? 

A child who can perfectly balance both studies and sports is one is mentally disciplined and full of concentration in all aspects of his life. Both education and sports should be given equal importance and proportionate amount of time, excess of anything ruins everything. 

Both are equally essential to the growth of a student’s life. Sports makes the mind active and fresh, while studies makes the mind creative so that students with the help of education can make their future secure. 

A perfect mix of both is important. From sports, students learn discipline, coordination and energises the body. If students are exposed to both sports and studies at an early age, they can build themselves up as strong and intelligent human beings in the future. In one way, we can say that they complement each other rather than hurt each other. 

But there is a hard truth for some pro-sports kids. If there was any imbalance in sports and education, one would have to prioritize his education over his sports, as it is the safest fallback for the future of a child. This is not to say that sports should be neglected as they are an essential part of life and sports career should be pursued if talent, hard-work and passion collide 

There are some exceptional cases if you are extraordinarily good at a sport and on the verge of becoming a professional sportsman in the future, then you could potentially choose to prioritize sports. If you are fantastic at sports, and wish to achieve success in it, then try your level best to balance it out. Finally, if you do achieve your dreams in sports, then it is perfect! And if you don’t you still have your studies to back you up. 

But if you are just interested in sports, he should definitely should choose and concentrate on his education. Although, this shouldn’t stop you from going out and enjoying physical activity. If you are a well educated person, you will come across numerous opportunities to engage with sports as a profession in administrative and management roles. 

To conclude, it depends on your individual personality, achieving greatness in sports is difficult but not impossible. It requires a lot of continuous hours of dedication and hardwork from childhood. But with education, you can obtain a lot of opportunities and a wider scope for success. But continue with sports, it is a must to get into any 

sport, stay fit, keep away from stress and enjoy life. On a personal level of advice, sports are necessary but studies are compulsory. 

-Vetha E Samuel (Kids DXB)


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