Ten Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party Dubai

Ten Games For Kids Birthday Parties That Will Make For A Memorable Big Day

Ten Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party Dubai

One of the main parts of any great kids birthday party is a series of fun activities that allow children to interact with their friends and have fun. In this article we look at 10 easy to set up activities that are perfect for kids birthday parties and help to bring the big day to life.

Cup Stack Race

This game is great for a kids birthday party where the children are six years and up. Give each child a stake of equal number of cups with one odd colored cup at the bottom. The children should take the cup from the top of the stack and move it to the bottom and continue until the odd colored cup moves all the way to the top of the pile. This is a great game team based kids activity for a birthday party as children who are spectating can easily see the odd coloured cup rising through the pile and cheer on team mates to make for a rowdy activity at your kids birthday.

Bottle Flip Race

Divide the guests at your children’s birthday party into two equal sized groups standing in front of a table, desk or counter with a bottle of water filled halfway. Children should attempt to flip the bottle and have it land the right way up with no intervention after the toss. It is a a race between the two teams to see which team can successfully complete the bottle flip for all team members. This is a popular game with late primary school and early teenage kids as bottle flipping is a social media trend!

Magic Carpet Ride

Children at the kids birthday party again divide into team of two with one member from each team sitting on a small rug or piece of carpet. the aim is to shuffle from the start to the end of a predefined course when reaching the end hopping off the magic carpet to make room for the next player to jump onto the carpet. The team to complete the really with each play first is the winner of this high energy activity for kids that is perfect for Aladin themed kids birthday parties in Dubai.

M&M Egg Timer

Each child is given two one or two litre bottle that are taped together at the neck and have M&M’s in the top side so that the bottles look like an egg timer. The aim of this kids activity is for children to shake the bottle vigorously so that the M&M’s move from the top half to the bottom half as quickly as possible. The winner of the game is the guest who manages to get all of the M&M’s into the lower half first! If the food and diet requirements of your kids birthday party guests allows the winning kids can keep the M&M’s for their goody bag as a prize.

Tennis Ball Kiss

The guests of your kids birthday party should be divided into teams for this fun kids activity. Empty tubes of tennis balls should be placed on one side of the room on tables at waste high. The children should try to pick the balls up with a partner only using their lips and carry the ball to the other side of the room before placing it in the tube.

Tap That Sharpie

Divide the children at your kids birthday party into two teams with eight to ten bottles full of water and a sharpie marker pen inside each bottle. One member of each team should then try to tap down all of the sharpies so that they stay in the bottle with wooden spoons, the team that tap down all of the sharpies first so that they don’t pop out of the top of the water bottle is the winner.

Cereal Scramble

For this kids activity you will need to cut two cereal boxes up into 9 equal squares. The guests of your kids birthday party should be divided into two teams with guests trying to arrange the cereal box into its original design as quickly as possible. After they do this one of the parents should re scramble the pieces so that the next player can go. The team with all members completing this activity for kids the most quickly are then announced as the winner.

M&M Dash

For this kids activity divide the children into two team with 5 glass jars and around 30 different coloured M&M’s on the table. The first player from each team must separate the M&M’s into different jars before the opposing member of the other team in order to be the winner of this kids birthday party game.

Bubble Race

For this kids activity you will need a bubble blowing kit and also a hula hoop. Children compete against one another first blowing a bubble and then trying to gradually blow it towards and through their team hula hoop before the other team members. This kids activity is great fun for kids of all ages and very popular at our kids birthday parties in Dubai.

Here is a video with all of the activities to give you a visual illustration of how these kids activities can be played at your kids birthday and even some extra bonus games as well.

Is Your Kids Birthday Party Coming Up?

We hope that you enjoyed the varied range of kids activities that we explored in this blog and that it gave you some good ideas for your children’s birthday party if this is coming up in the near future. Kids birthday parties can be a complex event to organize and if you and your other half have a busy work schedule this can be too much of a balancing act and cause a lot of stress. If you want to take the hassle of your kids birthday away but still make the day perfect for your little one then why not make a kids birthday party dubai enquiry with our professionals children’s birthday party planner Habiba. We have a variety of kids birthday party packages on offer for both boys and girls and we also offer one month of unlimited kids activities to all of the birthday party guests as part of our Kidster program.

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