Why Team Based Kids Sports Activities Are Important For Personal Growth?

10 reasons why kids activities involving team sports help your child to mature into a well rounded adult.

Why Team Based Kids Sports Activities Are Important For Personal Growth?

If you are like the 100s of parents who join us for sports coaching based kids activities on a weekly basis we are sure that you will agree that sports and physical activity are of great benefit as far as things for kids to do in Dubai. That said team sports specifically have a whole host of further benefits that your child can benefit from by getting them involved in sports coaching for kids at a kids sports academy in Dubai.

Social Interaction

In team sports it is essential for children to communicate with their team mates and coaches in order to achieve common goals. By putting themselves in the shoes of people who are on their team when participating in kids sports activities children develop self awareness and also empathy by understanding what they need to do for others in order for them to succeed. In addition to this due to the time pressure that is often placed on children it helps them to be clear in their communication and get the message across to their fellow team mates more quickly.

Learning To Be A Team Player

Within team based activities for kids children should do their own individual role within the group to a high standard but should also understand how their role fits within the team as a whole. A big part of being a good team player within kids sports coaching is making choices that are best for the group as a whole often at the expense of personal glory or gain. The lesson taught within these team orientated kids activities can be transferred into a variety of different aspect of adult life as your child matures. In the below video from 60 second parenting further benefits of getting your child involved in team based kids sports.

Physical Fitness

Team sports like kids football and kids basketball are very high energy and encourage children to move across large distances. As sports coaches in Dubai we regularly see children who do not enjoy regular fitness classes having a great time and racking up kilometres of running distance without even realizing it during football classes and sessions within our kids basketball academy.

Stay Busy With Likeminded Others

Team based kids activities in Dubai are a great way to keep your children engaged whilst being surrounded by other like minded children in Dubai. The combination of engaging goal orientated physical activity and social interaction with peers makes team based kids sports a great alternative to video games as a kids afterschool activity for your children to be involved in.

Dealing With Adversity

Within all team sports there are often ups and downs. Through the team sports involved in our kids sports academy children learn to come together as a group, share problems and reach a solution when they are down within a game. These skills help to develop a calm mental state so that they can think clearly and improve their levels of performance as a group.

Develop Competitiveness

Team sports allow children to compete within three main ways. Firstly and most obviously they must compete against other teams within the kids activity that they they are involved in. Secondly children learn that they have to compete for a place against other members of their team whilst maintaining good relations as they work together towards a common goal which is great preparation for the skills needed to excel in a corporate career. Lastly your child will learn to compete against themselves in order to constantly improve their skill set as they progress up the ability levels within their kids sports academy.

Make New Friends

Getting your child involved in a kids sports academy centred around team sports will give your child the chance to make new friends that area similar age and have similar interests to your child. By working towards a common goal and experiencing tough sports training for kids together children often form strong friendships whilst participating in kids activities of a team nature.

Learning To Listen

In order to excel in within team sports children must listen to the instructions of their coach but also to their team mates. There are many times within kids sports coaching that children need a word of advice from a team mate to let them know that they are under pressure from a defending player or that they should release the ball to a player in space. As such the nature of team sports ensures that children learn to take the advice of other and not get too caught up in internal dialogues. This can help children develop into well rounded adults with a high level of self awareness.

Winning and Losing

Any child that is involved in kids sports in Dubai will learn quickly that they can’t always win. Learning to be gracious in victory and defeat is a key part of team sports and will also give your child the opportunity to share this experience with others which can help them to better articulate their feelings and also reduce the feelings of loneliness that can accompany defeat in individual sports.

Learning To Commit

When children sign up for a team based kids activity they are becoming part of a group that is more important than themselves. As such this commitment encourages them to come to their kids sports coaching sessions within their kids sports academy every single week so that they can improve their skills for the benefit of the team as a whole. This social pressure to come to kids sports coaching sessions can increase motivation and therefore increase participation levels.

How To Get Start With Team Based Kids Activities In Dubai?

As I’m sure you’ll agree from having read this article kids sports offer great benefits for children both physically and psychologically. If you would like to get your child started with team based kids activities like football, basketball or cricket then why not take a 3o day free trial of our Kidster program. Through this unique offer you will get one whole month of unlimited kids activities in Dubai all in one central location.

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