Dance Party

Our most popular birthday party, a great blend of team games, arts/crafts and sports with activities tailored to the age of the children in the group.

Games And Activities

Cha Cha Slide Dance 0-5 minutes

Rock out to the ever popular tune of DJ Casper to get the party rocking!

Bate Bate Dance 5-10 minutes

A fun orientated dance to get the kids moving!

Gusava Lima Dance 10-15 minutes

A take on the well known Macarena dance with a twist.

-- water break --


Hip Hop Dance 15-25 minutes

An energetic dance with lots of high intensity movements!

Dance Songs 25-35 minutes

Popular songs from the charts are played with dances accompanied!

-- water break --

Jazz Dance 35-50 minutes

Fun and fast movements to the beat!

Classic Dance 50-60 minutes

Slow down to to the rhythm of the classical tunes and some favourites to finish the dancing.

How To Enquire

If this seems like the party for you, get in touch below and we'll send over a quote!