How To Learn To Swim In Dubai

How to help your child to learn to swim at a kids swim academy in Dubai

How To Learn To Swim In Dubai

Giving your children the opportunity to learn to swim is one of the key life skills that children should develop whilst in primary school. Before your children start to learn the 4 olympic strokes there are 9 key skills that we try to help our young swimmers to become competent in with our kids swimming academy in Dubai. In this article we will look at these key skills in turn that you can work on with your children outside of their kids swimming classes in order to accelerate their progress.

9 Key Basic Skills Of Kids Swimming

Getting Into The Pool

Children should learn to get into the pool using ladders and that these should be the primary method of getting into the pool. As an extension to this it is a good idea to give your children an education of the required depths to jump into the swimming pool (6 feet) and also the required depths needed at the deep end to make it safe to dive into the swimming pool (9 feet).

Exiting The Pool

Children should exit the swimming pool calmly using the ladders or if not available it is a good idea to teach your children how to pull themselves out of the water in the case of an emergency so that they can exit the pool at any point.

Buoyancy and Floating

Children should learn to feel comfortable floating in the water first with and then without floating aids. By being comfortable floating unsupported this will allow your child to take part in more independant activities within their kids swimming classes and therefore accelerate their progress. Within our kids swimming academy we recommend that children start their buoyancy training by trying to perform a back float and we’ve included a short video here that gives a tutorial on how you can help your child get comfortable within this position as you help them to learn to swim.


When your child has become comfortable floating within the pool within our kids swimming classes we then tend to focus on helping children to be able to change their orientation within the water by moving turning from lying on the front to the back. This helps children with hand propulsion techniques that will be transferrable to the movements required fro treading water and also the pulling motion required for technically sound arm strokes.


When children start out in our swimming classes one of the best ways for us to get them used to moving through the water is by pushing off the wall. When your child is at this stage of their learn to swim journey this is a great time to help them appreciate the importance of being streamlined within the water. First have them push off the wall with their arms loose down by their side and their legs apart and stand at the point where they come to rest. Then have your child do the same again with as streamlined a position as possible with the upper arms pressed against the ears and the body lengthened as much as possible. They will see just how much less resistance there is here and the further that they can glide in this better position. This lesson can help them to maintain a streamlined position throughout their swimming classes and help them to have seconds off their times within their kids swimming academy.

Co-ordination and Travel

In our kids swimming classes when children are in the early stages of their journey to learn to swim we like to ask our children to explore different ways of moving forwards backwards and side to sides. This helps children to learn for themselves that smooth movements where different parts of the body are working together in synchronized rhythm will allow them to travel more smoothly and efficiently through the water than less controlled and coordinated movements where the arms and legs are not in sync. After children begin to gain an appreciation for the importance of co-ordination this is typically the time that we then begin to introduce the strokes within our kids swimming academy coaching sessions.

Breathing Technique

When children join our kids swimming lessons we have three goals for helping them to develop good breathing technique, working through the below three steps in sequential order:

  1. First up we get the children comfortable with their mouth in the water by blowing bubbles
  2. Next we go for submersion of the head, first for short periods in water where the feet are on the ground and then for slightly longer periods for example to retrieve weighted swimming toys from the bottom of the swimming pool.
  3. Lastly after children are comfortable keeping their heads underwater we turn the focus of our swimming lessons to helping children to link breathes whilst performing strokes such as front crawl and breaststroke so that children can work up towards swimming a full length in a 25 metre swimming pool.

Water Safety

At our kids swimming academy we regularly see children gaining a lot of confidence as they learn to swim and develop key water competency skills. That said it is always important to stress to children how water can be at the key elements of water safety such as never going into the water alone and staying close to the shore if swimming in open water such as the beach here in Dubai.

How To Find A Kids Swim Academy Near Me?

We hope that you can now head to a local swimming pool or kids swimming academy confident in the steps that your child needs to take in order to become comfortable in the water and develop the foundational skills needed to develop a good stroke. If you would like to get your child enrolled at a  kids swimming academy so that they can learn to swim then then the best way to do this is to get your child started with the Kidster program. After participating in the 30 day free trial period which allows your child to take sports coaching sessions in 8 different sports they will then unlock access to kids swimming classes with the option to take either 4, 8 or 12 classes per month.

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