The 13 Benefits Of Kids Swimming Classes

Why you should get your child involved in swimming lessons at a kids swim academy

Kids Swimming Classes, An Introduction To The Benefits

Most parents are aware of the importance of getting their children involved in swimming lessons in Dubai due to the importance of swimming as a lifeskill and the associated fitness benefits. That said as fully qualified swimming coaches we know of many other benefits that children enjoy when joining our kids swim academy that make it all the more important to get your child involved in swimming classes in Dubai. This article aim to uncover some of those benefits and help to give you the nudge that you might need to get your children involved in a swim academy, increase the number of swim classes that your children take each week or just spend more time in the pool as a family.

The 13 Benefits Of Kids Swimming Lessons

Active Lifestyle

Swimming gets the blood flowing and releases endorphins helping children to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Balance and Aligned Body

All of the four Olympic strokes that are taught within kids swimming lessons in Dubai are perfectly symmetrical movements when performed with good technique. As such swimming is a greta sport to help children to develop muscular strength whilst maintaining balance of muscular strength and bone density on both sides of the body. This benefit is particularly important for children involved in activities such as racquet sports where children tend to become over developed on one side of the body or develop postural imbalances due to tightness and looseness in opposing muscle groups.

Increased Confidence Levels

Particularly in the early stages where young swimmers are working to attain swimming badges at their kids swimming academies the swimming classes that children partake in are very goal orientated. When children achieve these milestones it can give them large boosts in confidence and raise their self esteem.

Being Part Of A Swimming Academy Fosters Dedication

Swimming is a sport that takes years to perfect the skills and also build up the levels of fitness needed to perform at an elite level. If your child is a competitive athlete that enjoys activities with a long pay off then swimming could be a great competitive avenue for them to explore.

Swimming Classes Increase Endurance

Swimming is one of the best sports for developing muscular endurance and cardio vascular fitness and also burns off more calories than the majority of other activities helping children to maintain a healthy BMI and low body fat percentage that will help them to perform well across a broad variety of sporting and physical activities.

Make New Friends At Kids Swimming Lessons

At a kids swim academy children have the chance to meet children from outside of their normal cricle of school friends. Due to the strenuous nature of swimming classes psychologists suggest that friendships formed through activities like swimming can often be friendships for life due to the strong bonds formed by doing challenging activities with others.

A Lifetime Of Watersport Fun

Being able to swim allows children to participate in a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, kite surfing and wake boarding. Whilst this might seem a long way off for your little one at ttyhe moment ensuring that they learn to swim by taking swimming lessons at a kids swim academy whilst in primary school can open the door to these exciting activities when children are in their teenage or adult years.


Throughout the course of their lives children will likely encounter large bodies of open water on numerous occasions. Having confidence in the water and strong swimming skills can avoid your child turning down certain activities or opportunities that involve being out at sea and could also help them to get themselves or others out of a dangerous situation in the unlikely event that they were stranded in an open body of water.

Swimming Lessons Are Easy On The Joints

Swimming is a low resistance activity with no impact which means that it is an excellent way of keeping fit without putting pressure on joints. As such introducing your child to swimming as an exercise option will give them the opportunity to maintain high levels of cardiovascular and muscular endurance related fitness throughout their lives whilst eliminating the chances of joint related injuries common place with running as well as other sporting activities.

No Equipment Needed

Unlike many other sports children don’t require large amounts of equipment for swimming which makes it a less costly activity to get children involved in than sports such as golf or tennis. All children need to get started are some googles, a cap and a swim suit with all of this equipment readily available for children of all ages and sizes.

Family Time

As your child gets confident in the water going to the pool can become a great way to spend family time of the weekend here in Dubai. With numerous beach clubs offering free entry to youngsters with adults what better way to spend the weekend with games in the pool and topping up your tan.

Diving and The Sea

Getting your child involved in a learn to swim program opens up the world of diving and the deep sea. If your child is interested in fish, aquariums or nature a great way to encourage them in their swimming lessons is to take them to the Dubai mall aquarium or watch program’s such as blue planet. For some children at our kids swim academy children view their swimming lessons as a gateway to building the skills that they need to gain a PADI qualification and start diving so that they can discover the magic of the deep sea.

An Activity For The Whole Year

With the combination of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools that are temperature controlled swimming classes are one of the few activities in Dubai that children can take part in all the way through the year even when temperatures ramp up to almost 50 degrees during the summer months.

How To Find A Kids Swim Academy Near Me?

We hope that this article has helped to uncover some of the hidden benefits of swimming and the world of opportunity that it can open for your child in terms of water sports and diving too. If you would like to get started with kids swimming classes then why not try our popular Kidster program which gives your child unlimited sports coaching in 8 different sports as well as weekly swimming classes with fully qualified swimming coaches. The best thing about Kidster is that we offer a 30 day free trial period giving you the chance to try out the whole program including the kids swimming classes so that you can get a feel for what the program is all about before getting started.

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