How To Help Your Child To Overcome A Fear Of Water In Swimming Classes

Give your child the confidence to get started with kids swimming lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons- Overcoming The Fear An Introduction

Swimming is an essential lifeskill for young children and also an activity that develops great cardio vascular fitness and muscular strength with little risk of short term or long term injury. That said for many parents in Dubai one of the main barriers to getting your child involved in kids swimming lessons is their child’s fear of water. This is a very common issue particularly with toddlers and shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is important that children feel relaxed and comfortable in the water before they begin to work on stroke technique and also to avoid any phobias being formed. This article gives a series of tips hacks and techniques that you can utilize in order to get your child ready to start taking swim classes as part of a children’s swim academy in Dubai.

Why Is My Child Afraid Of Swimming?

For toddler and young children the swimming pool can feel like a big scary place with no escape, making children feel trapped. This is completely normal and something that most children go through at some stage for varying degrees of time. Don’t worry though there are plenty of solutions to solve this issue and help your children to feel more and more comfortable first in shallow pools before venturing into deeper waters. The most important thing to bear in mind as you prepare your child for kids swimming classes is to be patient and allow them to progress at their own pace. The below six step process offers a progressive approach that should be taken at your child’s pace so that they can move to the next stage with confidence. In line with this if your child is attending swimming classes with other children or is part of an academy avoid comparison to other children, just because other children might be jumping into the pool without hesitation your child might not be ready to do that just yet and should only get their feet wet when they are ready. As such the instructor leading your child’s swimming lessons should be on board with the same approach.

Six Steps To Prepare Your Child For Kids Swimming Classes

Step 1- Take A Swimming Pool Tour

Under your supervision have your child go to the edge of the swimming pool without any floatation devices and play a game such as eye spy, just being around the environment and accepting any feelings of anxiety that your child might have whilst putting no pressure on them to get into the water will undoubtably help your child to get more comfortable in preparation for swimming lessons.

Step 2- Get Used To The Feel Of The Water

When your child is ready have them put their hands or feet into the water and ask them to describe how the water feels. Giving them this descriptive task to do will help to distract them from their fear of the body of water in front of them. If your child struggles with this step showing them how to do it first yourself can give them the nudge that they need to try it for themselves, soon they will see how fun it is to splash around in the water.

Step 3- Blow Bubbles

After your child is comfortable with the feel of the water the next step is to introduce them to the concept of their head being closer to the water. From our experience with kids swimming classes particularly for young children. This best way to solve this is by getting into the pool with your child and showing them how to blow bubbles, then whilst holding them let them try, here’s a video of how to do this.

This can be the most fear inducing aspect so if your child panics when in the water you can get them to try this activity from the side of the pool by lying down on their front or in the bath at home.

Step 4- Play Fetch In A Shallow Swimming Pool

For this activity it is a good idea to invest in a pair of kids swimming googles and also weighted pull toys. Get into a shallow swimming pool where the water is between waist and shoulder height for your child. Then scatter a few weighted toys around the pool and have your child try to receive them by bending down. To start with they will try to keep their head out of the water but struggle to identify the location of the toy. When they do this encourage them to put their head into the water so that they can see the toy and retrieve it more quickly. This is a great transition exercise to help your child to get comfortable with their head in the water which is a pre requisite skill required to take kids swim classes at a children’s swimming academy in Dubai.

Step 5- Experiment With Supported Floating

At this stage your child should now be comfortable in the water and with their head in and around the surface. At this point its now important to get your child used to the idea of floating in the water. The best way to start this so that they don’t panic is to get in the water with them and support them by placing your hands under their stomach or back. As they become more comfortable remove the hand and also gradually reduce the amount of upward pressure that you apply so that they can become more self sufficient.

Step 6- Parent and Child Swim Lessons and Activities

Your child is likely to be able to overcome their swimming related fears more quickly if you are in the water with them. There are a variety of examples of kids  swim academy in Dubai offering parent and child swimming classes to aid with this. If you can’t fit this into the schedule try to spend some time at your local or residential  swimming pool with your child getting them comfortable in the water. A great way to apply your child’s confidence in a fun activity is to stand in the swimming pool a couple of metres away from your child and have them push off the wall propelling themselves towards you. This teaches them to be comfortable with their head close to the water whilst moving within the water. As a progression you can then take steps further back and introduce common aspects of kids swimming classes like streamlined gliding, kicking action and arm strokes.

Equipment Tips

As your child takes their first steps towards becoming a swimmer by gaining confidence in the water and overcoming their fear of swimming lessons it essential to invest in the right floatation devices that will give buoyancy in the appropriate areas and allow them to begin forming the fundamentals of the free style, breast stroke and backstroke techniques. The key when investing in a buoyancy aid is to ensure that it promotes a natural swimming position. At Kids DXB our fully qualified swimming instructors recommend the us of float vests and jackets as they support the core of the body and allow for free movements of the limbs unlike more old fashioned armbands or rings that can be detrimental towards technique.

When Is The Right Time To Enroll My Child For Kids Swim Classes In Dubai?

Whilst the age that children should get started with a kids swim academy vary’s from child to child there are some guidelines. If you are thinking of getting your child involved in a parent and child swim class this can start from as young as 6 months, whilst most children begin taking instructor led no parent in the pool classes between the ages of 2-4 dependent on the amount of exposure that your child has had to the pool previous, their physiological development level and genetic factors.

How To Find Swimming Classes Near Me?

We hope that this article helps you to get your child into the water and comfortable so that you can then think about getting your child involved in a kids swimming academy. If this is something that you are interested in then we can highly recommend the swimming program that we have on offer at Kidster. This program gives your children the chance to take part in high quality children’s swimming classes every weeks. If this wasn’t enough Kidster also comes with a 30 day free trial which will give you the opportunity to meet our full qualified swimming instructors and also to try out our sports coaching program in 8 other sporting activities.

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