10 Ways To Get The Most Our Of Your Kids Gymnastics Classes

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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Kids Gymnastics Classes

Getting your kid involved in children’s gymnastics classes is a great way to introduce them to a dynamic and athletic sport and helping them to develop a wide range of attributes that are transferrable to a variety of other sports. At our kids gymnastics academy we always encourage parents to have their children thinking everything gymnastics even when they are outside of the class. This article focusses on the key things that you can do as a parent both inside and outside of your child’s gymnastics classes to help them to maximize their potential.

Practice Gymnastics Shapes At Home

Floor routines require a variety of static poses to be learnt which don’t require a large amount of space. Perfecting these shapes is a great routine to practice at home in order to perfect these positions. Within our kids gymnastics academy the basic shapes that we have our young gymnasts learn in the early stages of our program are the tuck, pike and straddle.

Get Feedback From Your Child’s Gymnastics Coach

Ask the staff member delivering your kids gymnastics class for feedback at the end of the session so that you have some physical attributes that your child can go away and work on to help them to get to the next level within their kids gymnastics academy.

Celebrate When New Skills Are Learnt

When children learn a specific new skill that they have been trying to master for weeks this can give a child a large sense of accomplishment. Within our gymnastics academy we have a tiered ability level system with children being rewarded stars when they learn new skills. By celebrating these successes with your child and having a timeline to map their progress you can help your child to develop a large amount of internal motivation which will help them to be persistant as they advance through a children’s gymnastics program.

Create A Kids Gymnastics Coaching Checklist

A great goal setting tool to help your child to monitor their progress and strive for improvements is to purchase or make a kids gymnastics coaching checklist which allows your child to have a list of skills that they are realistically trying to achieve within a given time frame. If you are unsure of which skills should be on here for your child then we recommend speaking to one of the coaches at your kids gymnastics academy.

Spend Time On Strength Exercises At Home

Having goof core strength, body tension and strong muscles within the upper body is essential for all gymnasts. Check out the simple conditioning program below with exercises that can performed away from weekly kids gymnastics classes.

Spend Time Improving Flexibility At Home

Improving flexibility and establishing a good range of motion is paramount for children to perform a variety of movements and positions within gymnastics routine. improving flexibility can extend well beyond your child’s gymnastics classes, so check out the below video for some ideas of the stretches that your child could to help maximize their potential.

Watch Gymnastics On TV and Youtube

Watching elite athletes in events such as the Olympic Games can help your child to get inspired, learn new skills and appreciate the dedication that it takes to achieve excellence in children’s gymnastics. Within our kids gymnastics classes we regularly see children coming to class and imitating the moves of famous gymnasts like Beth Tweddle and Simone Biles. Children tend to be excellent visual learners and as such are able to pick up and mirror the movements and nuances in technique that can help children to vastly improve their own skills at their kids gymnastics academy.

Find A Famous Kids Gymnastics Coaching Youtube Channel

A great way to accelerate your child’s progress away from their gymnastics classes is to find a high quality gymnastics coaching program that posts regular videos to youtube. One such youtube channel that we can recommend is Tammy Briggs who posts a variety of videos suitable for both boys and girls to help them to learn more advanced skills that will help them to stand out within their kids gymnastics classes and advance more quickly.

Give Your Child A Diet That Sets Them Up For Success

For children who are serious about their gymnastics classes this can result in long hours of training. As such children need the right food to fuel them and provide nourishment so that children can recover following class and come back even stronger next time. At our kids gymnastics academy we recommend that children’s diets are composed of slow release carbohydrates, healthy snacks and protein rich foods such as fish and white meat. This kind of balanced diet and the avoidance of junk food helps to maintain energy levels and facilitates muscle growth and fast recovery.

Trust Your Child’s Coaches

At meets and gymnastics classes you should always trust the judgement of your child’s gymnastics coach. Like the staff at the majority of institutes the coaches at our kids gymnastics academy have both a wealth of experience and knowledge with regards to the performance of gymnastics sills, routines and competitions. In success and failure always allow your child’s coach to have the first input with your child as they are likely to give the best advise to help them to make the most of the situation and give them valuable learning points for next time.

How To Find Gymnastics Classes Near Me?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the varied range of ways that you can help your child to accelerate more quickly though the ability levels of your kids gymnastics academy. If you child is yet to get involved in kids gymnastics classes then there is no better time than the present to get them started. Our Kidster program offers the chance for your child to attend unlimited weekly kids gymnastics classes on a Friday and Saturdays as part of  a 30 Day Free Trial. As well as access to our gymnastics academy your children will receive access to coaching in eight other sports as well!

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