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The Importance Of Tactical Understanding Within Kids Football Classes

Kids Football Coaching- Tactics For Success

When most parents think of kids football tactics complex diagrams, whiteboards and magnetic markers might spring to mind. Whilst at a more advanced level football tactics can be complicated the aim of this article is to help you as a parent to understand the basic tactical principles that your child should aim to understand to allow them to play small sided games within their kids football academy.

Key Tactic For 3-4 Year Old Kids Football Coaching

No Hands- From children are three to four years old and in the early stages of kids football classes the main tactical related objective is to help children to understand that they aren’t allowed to touch the football with their hands. At our kids football academy we help children to grasp this coaches by playing body part dribbling, which is a great game that you can also do away from kids football coaching sessions even if you only have a very limited space. In this game children should dribble around the space keeping the ball close to them and then on command put different parts of the body on the ball. The main key to this game is that when any part of the arm is instructed to touch the ball children should ignore this command and remember the ‘number one rile of football’ which is that they shouldn’t put their hands on the football at any point during kids football coaching sessions.

Key Tactic For 5 Year Olds In Kids Football Coaching

Passing- As children become used to not using their hands within kids football classes it is very common for children to all take a very individual approach and try to with the ball alone with no regards to other team mates. At this point in your child’s football coaching journey it is important for them to understand when and how to pass the football. Away from kids football coaching sessions this is an easy skill to practice with your child to develop the ability to pass the football in the desired direction with the appropriate power. From here 2v1 games can help your child to appreciate how passing the ball to a team mate in space can help to beat a defender and create a goal scoring opportunity. By doing these kinds of activities when your child as a friend for a play date at the park this will overflow into your kids football coaching sessions as they start to be able to pass the ball to the players.

Key Tactic For 6-7 Year Olds In Kids Football Coaching

Finding Space During Kids Football Classes- As your child begins to understand the concept of passing this will help them to appreciate that when other children have the ball it will help them if they move away from their team mate to find space away from opposing players so that they are in a position to receive the football. The main thing to ensure that your child avoids at this phase of their learning is to avoid bunching up around the ball and instead trying to spread to the edges of the pitch so that they make room for their team mates.

Key Tactic For 8+ Year Olds In Kids Football Coaching

Positions– As children’s tendency to crowd around the ball is introduced this gives our coaches the opportunity to introduce positions within our football coaching for kids over the age of 8. Typically when positions are introduced children will play either 5, 6 or 7 a side games in which there are more general rather than specific positions as in full 11 a side games. Within these styles of games their are three main positions that your child should have an understanding of and be able to play in.

  1. Defender- The role of the defender is to predominantly be based in the teams half of he pitch to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. To be a good defender the key skills that are needed are the ability to tackle and also speed to be able to keep up with attacking players. Defenders are typically the taller and stronger players on the pitch as this helps them to win the ball from more nimble attackers in competitive situations. In the modern game where kids football coaches often encourage the ball to be played out from defense good close control and passing skills are also required.
  2. Midfielder- The midfield players tend to be the most creative players on the pitch within kids football. The role of these players is to provide a link between defender and attacked in order to provide attacking players with scoring opportunities. As such it is key that midfield players have good passing skills and are often also the players with the highest endurance fitness levels as they tend to have to be the players that cover the most ground in a typical kids football coaching session or match.
  3. Attacker- The main role of attacking players is to score goals. Their area of strength tend to be shooting so that they can beat the goal keeper and also speed so that they can allude opposing defenders who will be trying to dispossess them of the football. Children with aspirations of being strikes should work on their shooting skills within kids football classes.

As your child takes part in more kids football coaching sessions and progresses to represent their kids football academy team you can further there knowledge of positions within kids football by watching the below video. This will give a deeper understanding of all eleven positions on the pitch and key attributes and skills that children should develop within their kids football academy in order to excel in their chosen position.

How To Find A Kids Football Academy Near Me?

We hope that this article proved useful in helping you to understand the tactical element of children’s football classes. As you can see the tactical information needed for children various based on the age group being coached within the kids football academy. The best way to help your child gain an understanding for these technical aspects of the game is to get them involved in our kids football academy as part of our Kidster program. At Kidster we give the unique opportunity for children to take a 30 day free trial of unlimited sports coaching, which includes access to our kids football classes. Take advantage of the 30 day free trial to see what our kids football coaching program is all about and how our coaches can help to accelerate your child’s progress through football training for kids. As well as the kids football classes your children will also receive coaching in 8 other sports every Friday and Saturday with sports coaching sessions running throughout the day.

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