Hacks To Help Your Child To Excel In Their Kids Football Academy

Help your child to get ahead in kids football classes

Kids Football Hacks An Introduction

Football is the most popular sport in the world and kids football in Dubai is certainly a great activity to get your children involved in. The aim of this article is to give you as parents some hacks, activities and knowledge that will allow your child to improve at home away from their kids football classes.

Skills For Success In Kids Football Classes

Within any kids football academy children will learn a broad range of skills that will help your child to help them to become an accomplished player. In the early stages of the game three skills stand out as the essential must haves that will allow children to be successful in small sided games and practice giving them a foundation to build more complex skills upon. If your child can master the core skills of ball control, passing and shooting they will be ready to play a key role within any team as part of a kids football academy.

3 Drills To Practice At Home Away For Your Kids Football Academy

Figure Eight Dribbling

This drill involves the use of two cones and a football. The cones should be spaced 4-5 yards apart with your child dribbling the ball between the cones in a figure of 8 for a period of sixty sessions as seen in the video below:

This is a great exercise for children to develop close control which will help them to shield the ball from defenders within the sessions at their kids football academy. Below are also some progressions that you can add in to advance your child’s dribbling and turning skills:

  1. Restrict use to only one foot, ideally the weaker one.
  2. Restrict use to only a certain part of the foot, either the inside, outside or even the sole of the boot.
  3. Have your child change direction on command or with a visual cue to help them dribble with their heads up.

Juggling Against A Wall

For this simple game children should see how many times they can pass the ball against the wall with the aim of keeping the ball in the air before the ball bounces twice. The development of the ability to watch the ball onto the foot and pass it back onto the wall all whilst keeping the ball in the air will help to give your child both an amazing touch and also passing ability. In terms of your child’s on the ball ability this can help them to accelerate their progress in comparison to other children within their kids football class.

Stepping Up The Stairs

In this drill children should try to tap the ball with both feet consecutively whilst trying to avoid the ball moving at all. This will develop proprioception and awareness as well as a delicate touch that will help your child to become more comfortable receiving the ball in tight situations whilst under pressure.

Parent and Child Soccer Games For After Your Kid’s Football Classes

Passing Gates

This game is a great parent and child game to develop your child’s football passing skills, all that you need is a small open space and some cones. Start by setting up an alley with pointed cones at one yard intervals.

From here challenge your child to pass the ball to you through the alley avoiding knocking over the cones. Then pass the ball back to your child and see if they are able to control the ball whilst still keeping the ball within the alley. The great thing about this activity is that you can introduce the below progressions to make the game more challenging and fun as they develop their football passing skills:

  1. Pass the ball faster to your child
  2. Encourage them to pass and receive the ball with their weaker footer
  3. Make the passing gate longer in length
  4. Make the passing gate narrower in width
  5. Introduce a points and knockout system to make the game more competitive

Shooting Alley

In this classic activity mark out a rectangular grid that is 2-3 yards wide and 5-15 yards in length dependent on the age and power of your child’s shots as pictured below:

In this drill you should become the goal keeper and have your child practice shots with the laces (for power) and also the inside of the foot (for accuracy) to try to beat you as a goal keeper. A great way to track your child’s progress is to see how may shots it takes them to score a certain number of goals past you. As your child’s shooting improves you can reduce the number of times that you intentionally, but believable let the ball in and before you know it your child will be scoring goals against you from all angles. Whenever you are doing shooting with your child encourage them to use their weaker foot, allowing for them to practice on their none dominant side in this low pressure setting will make your child more inclined to shoot with this foot during their kids football classes and avoid them from becoming a one footed player.

Red Light Green Light Dribbling

This is a great game to play with the whole family or if your child has friends over to play football. In an open space mark out a start line and finish line as pictured below.

Children should start on one side at the start line, when you shout green light the group should dribble the ball as quickly as they can towards the finish line. When you call red light all children should stop where they are with any child stopping in a distance greater than 2 metres having to take 5 big steps backwards. This game is a great way to develop speed whilst dribbling with the ball and also to develop the ball control required to stop quickly. As a progression you can also replace your shoutouts with holding up a green and red cone. This acts as a great way of getting children used to dribbling with their heads up which will develop their spacial awareness on the pitch and make them much more successful during kids football classes as they are more able to identify space, team mates and opponents whilst moving with the ball during matches that tend to happen at the end of our children’s football classes at our kids football academy.

How To Get Find A Kids Football Class Near Me?

We hope that you enjoyed this article and this helped to give you some ideas on how to accelerate your little ones progress in kids football away from their children’s football academy. If you would like to get your child involved in football coaching sessions then why not take a 30 day free trial of unlimited sports coaching as part of our unique Kidster program. Kidster is the only sports academy in Dubai that offers unlimited access sports coaching which is available every Friday and Saturday at Hartland International School with sessions available from 8:40am- 6:20pm.

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