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Help your child to get the most out of their kids football classes

Kids Football Coaching- A Parent’s Guide

Football is the most popular sport in the world and kids football in Dubai is certainly a great activity to get your children involved in. The aim of this article is to give you as parents some tips and knowledge that will allow your child to be the best football parent possible so that your child can reap the maximum benefits from kids football classes.

Get Your Child To Their Kids Football Classes On Time & Fully Prepared

As professional football coaches we cannot express the importance of your child arriving to their classes on time fully prepared for their session both physically and mentally. In an ideal world this is how we would recommend preparing for a kids football coaching session.

Step #1- Eat 2-3 hours before class with a meal high in slow release carbohydrates that will give your child the energy that they need to perform well within their kids football coaching class.

Step #2– Choose a specific skills relating to kids football training for kids and pick a short video of a professional player who demonstrates these skills well. Have your child watch this video before class and encourage your child to try these skills within their kids football coaching session.

Step #3– Set off for your child’s kids football academy within plenty of time ensuring that you will arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the session giving time for a warm up focussed on stretching and short explosive bursts of speed. Here is a video of a warm up routine that your child could do before the start of their kids football coaching classes.

Step #4– On the way back from practice ask your child to reflectively look back on what they learnt from the kids football coaching session that they just took part in to maximize the benefits that they get from the session’s learning points. If your child likes writing then a great way to take this further is to make a football academy journey so that your child can keep a written record of the progress that they are making within their kids football classes.

Educate Yourself On The Rules Of The Game

As a parent of a child that attends a kids football academy it is a good idea to educate yourself on the rules of the game so that you can be aware of your child’s position on the pitch, the strengths that they are likely to be able to develop based on their physical attributes and also so that you can give small amounts of constructive feedback to your child after games. By showing a visible interest and understanding of the game watching football can also become a great family activity for on Saturday and Sunday evenings when the premier league airs on UAE TV.

Look For Ignition Moments

Moments of ignition are times when your child experiences something that acts as a catalyst for a deeper connection to the game. These moments often occur when children get the opportunity to see or interact with professional football players that they see on TV or look up to. If your child is interested in the premier league then look out for regular winter training camps that top flight english teams hold at locations like Jebel Ali Shooting club for your chance to see these players in the flesh. As an alternative the UAE Football League also offers the chance for your children to see a high standard of football on a weekly basis with teams like Al Ahli and Al Nasr competing on a weekly basis at stadiums around the UAE.

Set Realistic Kids Football Related Goals

As your child progresses rather than micro managing their football a great way to be part of their develop within their kids football academy is to work with them to set realistic and time bound goals that will act as milestones on the way to becoming an accomplished player through regular football coaching sessions. Here are some examples of the types of goals that you can set dependent on your child’s developmental level and previous experience within kids football.

Juggling Score– Seeing how many ‘keepy upies’ that your child can do is one of the best and most quantifiable ways to measure your child’s close control skills. By setting goals for both feet any order, right foot only, left foot only and alternating between the feet you can your child can track progress and this will be sure to translate to improved control of the ball within your child’s kids football coaching sessions at their football academy. If you are unsure of what juggling is all about then checkout the video below with some football training for kids instruction focussed specifically on keeping the ball in the air with both feet:

Monthly Tallies- As a parent of a child who attends a football academy it is a good idea to keep track of key stats like goals scored and assists. With these stats making a special record of goals or assists made on the weaker foot can be particularly useful in helping your child to become a balanced two footed player which will help them to stand out at their kids football academy.

Speed Tests- If you have the opportunity to go to a park and set up speed and fitness tests for your child like the Illinois Agility Test or The Bleep Test can be a great way of tracking important speed and fitness benchmarks.  If you can help your child to gain the intrinsic motivation required to develop these high value skills within kids football this will allow them to advance more quickly within football training for kids.

With all of these scoring challenges so that they stay front of mind it is a great idea to have these scores posted on the wall or fridge at home so that you can easily track progress and celebrate victories with your child over time.

Get Out and Play With Your Child Away From Their Kids Football Classes

Scheduling a couple of parent and child football coaching sessions in during the week in the garden or at the local park can double the number of touches of the ball that your child gets each week. This will accelerate their progress in all aspects of the game and give them the confidence to try new things during their kids football classes within their kids football academy. checkout this article to see a series of drills taken from our football coaching for kids program manual that will allow your child to further develop their dribbling, turning, passing and control with you away from their football coaching sessions.

How To Find Kids Football Coaching Near Me?

If this article has given you some ideas on how you can best support your child in terms of football training for kids then thats music to our ears! Football is a great sport for young children to be involved in due to its fast paced and dynamic nature and we regularly see children and parent’s experiencing great deals of joy seeing improvement between weekly kids football classes at our kids football academy. If you feel that now is the time for your child to start taking their football coaching more seriously then why not get your children involved in our kids football academy as part of our Kidster program where children will get access to unlimited sports coaching in 8 different sports including kids football as part of our incredible 30 day free trial offer that gives you the opportunity to experience the program and meet our fully football coaches before getting involved in the full kids football coaching program.

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