The Ultimate Guide To Kids Dance Classes

Help your parents to success with our ultimate children's dance academy guide

Kids Dance Academy Introduction

Dance is a very popular activity for young children and a kids activity in Dubai that we see many of our children enjoying and reaping the benefits from. As a parent it is important to gain a full understanding of the discipline of dance, the benefits of taking part and also some tips to help your child to get maximum benefits from their children’s dance training. This article aims to give you all of that high value information in one place so that you can help to maximize the potential of your youngster in kids dance.

The Benefits Of Kids Dance Classes

If you are unsure about the benefits of getting your child involved in dance, thats very normal, many parents gravitate towards more sport based activities that are more outcome focussed. Dance should ideally be an activity that complements these sports and helps children to develop a broad range of physical and psychological attributes that will help them to excel in performing arts, gain transferable skills applicable to a variety of other sports endeavour and become more confident in themselves. Here are the specific benefits that your child could reap by getting involved in kids dance classes.

Social Skill Development

Dance has so many social benefits for children, here are five of the main benefits that your children will gain for their kids dance academy.

Self Confidence: Within children’s dance classes children learn new routines and movements, perform them in front of others and receive constructive positive feedback. This three step cycle helps your child’s confidence in themselves in a social setting to grow as they participate in children’s dance classes.

Creativity: Dance is the perfect avenue for the expression of emotion in a physical domain and allows children to be creative in the way that they convey and emotion through a dance routine. this can be a particularly useful tool for quiet or shy children who struggle to express their feeling through speech.

Effective Communication: Many dance routines involve the coordination of complex movements with a partner. In order for routines to be in sync with their partner and also in time to the music children will learn to communicate both verbally and visually giving each other skills and thus fostering good teamwork and co-operation.

Self Regulation: Within the majority of sessions at our kids dance academy in Dubai children have to focus their attention on their individual performance and the message that they are trying to convey, blocking out any internal or external distractions. The concentration and self regulatory skills that children develop through these activities are very transferable to other areas too.

Being More Accepting: Across all nationalities and cultures dance is understood by all and seen as universal. As such dance can be used as a medium for the exploration of a variety of cultures and also an acceptance and understanding of people from other walks of life.

Goal Setting and Motivation

The setting of short term and long term goals is a key part of children’s dance classes and helps them to become intrinsically motivated and gaining enjoyment from tracking their own progress in the development of movements, skills, routines as well as improvements in strength and flexibility.

Improved Posture

Dance involves a variety of movements that involve external rotation and the elongation of muscles in the front of the body. This helps to counter long periods of time spent in a slouched posture at school, on ipads or in front of the TV. The poses in dance help children to carry themselves in a more positive and energized way which over a period of time helps turn good posture into second nature.

Improved Range Of Motion and Flexibility

Stretching at the start and end of classes is a core part of our kids gymnastics academy. Through progressive static and dynamic stretching routines that increase in difficulty as children progress our gymnastics instructors help children to increase their range of motion as they progress through the program.

Improved Dexterity and Proprioception

In children’s dance a key competent of performing routines and individual movements correctly is the ability to maintain a stable centre of gravity throughout the movement. Learning complex movements also allows for the development of dexterity and precision as children become more aware of the positions of their bodies within space. Here’s two exercises that we use within our kids gymnastics academy that you can introduce to your child to help them to this highly transferable skill.

  1. Start with the weight evenly distributed between the heel and the ball of the feet, then raise the heel up until all of the weight is on the ball of the foot and turn the foot whilst on the ball of the foot. Then lower the heel back down, before repeating this exercise on the same foot before switching the other foot.
  2. Standing barefoot raise up onto the balls of the feet, try to keep the weight centred somewhere between the toe and the heel trying to raise up and out of the joints but keeping the knees relaxed.

The Main Styles Of Kids Dance Coaching

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance . A great way to give your children a taste of hip hop dance is through music videos that incorporate this type of dance giving a chance to see if this style of kids dance class is something that they would like to pursue further. Within our children’s dance academy one of the main aspects that we find that children enjoy about hip hop dancing is that they are able to dance to current music without too many rules constraining them allowing them to fully express themselves.


Ballet offers a more structured and formal style of dance where children are required to learn physically demanding positions, movements and routines. If your child likes working in a structured environment then ballet could be the best dance class for them. For those serious about ballet it also offers an avenue for professional employment and production and also acts as a great foundation for other forms of dance too.


This style of dance is all about improvisation, explosive movements and fast paced routines. If your child has a background in ballet jazz can be a great progression, it should be noted that for young children the pre requisite technical skills required for dance can make this a difficult dance class for children to partake in.

Tap Dance

Tap dancing involves the use of shoes with metal strapped to the bottom and is normally performed alone. For children with an interest or background in music and a good sense of rhythm tap dancing can be a great style of kids dance academy for children to get involved in.


Acro provides a fusion between traditional dance moves and acrobatics. For children who have an interest in both gymnastics and dance acro can be a great option for your child. This physically demanding style of dance requires high levels of strength, balance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Acro tends to be fairly competition focussed so is a great option for children who enjoy showcasing their skills in front of judges and against competitors.

Children’s Dance Academy Tips To Accelerate Their Progress

Encourage Strengthening and Flexibility Focussed Exercises

In order to get the lead roles, most dance routines involve the need for flexibility and strength in order to produce a dynamic performance. In terms of flexibility the best thing to do is establish a time of the day where your child can do some stretching. Due to the time consuming nature of stretching if this can be combined with another activity like talking to your child about their day, watching a movie or even doing homework if your child is good at multi tasking! When it come to kids dance specific stretching exercises for children we recommend core exercises that predominantly focus on the development of core strength and body tension. For older children involved in the more explosive styles of dance it can be a good idea to get your children involved in a gym class focussing on plyometrics style exercises that build explosive power in both the lower and upper body. These exercises can prove valuable in helping girls to improve their ponte work and boys for carrying related activities as part of pas de deux lessons.

Create A Dance Space At Home

Creating a performance space for your child at home allows them to feel like they are on stage even in the comfort of their own home! This will reduce your child’s stage fright and also increase the level of confidence that they have in executing moves in their dance classes. This space doesn’t need to be a dance studio, just an open space, adding full length mirrors like this on that you can purchase on Amazon allows children to self critique and reflectively learn. Another great addition to your child’s dance space are dance dots, these dots are easily storable and can be used for practicing basic or complex routines.

Watch Live Dance Performances

Dance is a performing art and as such they is nothing like seeing a live performance to inspire your child. Seeing the dancers in the flesh will allow your child to connect with them more and be inspired to practice and improve their skills. Going to see a variety of different styles of performance can also help your child to discover new styles of dance that they might be interested in getting involved in.

Encourage A Growth Mindset

Dr Dweck’s theory of growth mindset couldn’t be more applicable than in children’s dance coaching. Children who adopt the view that they are moldable and can pick up new movements, routines and abilities from their dance instructors, peers or from watching live performance will improve at a far faster rate than fixed mindset children. A great way of emphasizing the improvements that your child has made is keeping a video record of their end of term and end of year performances and comparing them as your child gets over so that they can see the improvements that they are making in their kids dance classes for themselves.

How To Find Children’s Dance Near Me?

Getting your little one involved in a kids dance academy has so many psychological, emotional and physical benefits and something that your child will benefit from as they grow up. If you would like to get started with children’s dance classes then why not take a 30 days free trial of our Kidster program where your children will receive dance coaching as well as tuition in 8 other sports! If you have any questions about dance style or how to get started please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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