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Batting Tips From Our Kids Cricket Academy

At our kids cricket academy at Kids DXB we find that batting is one of the most engaging part of our children’s cricket coaching sessions and something that children look forward to within every session. The key to helping children enjoy batting is to make sure that activities are achievable and target based so that children can make consistent contact with the ball and also have clear and realistic goals for them to achieve as they improve their batting skills. The goal of this article is to give you as the parent some tips and hints that you can pass on to your child to help them to accelerate their progress in batting away from their kids cricket academy.

Kids Cricket Coaching Beginners Batting Technique

When children are in the early stages of their kids cricket coaching at our kids cricket academy we tend to encourage children to ‘grip it and rip it’ with the goal of getting children to get as much power of possible. That said it is still important to have children learn the basic elements of technique to maximize the chances of them becoming a consistent batsman. Here are the core of areas of batting technique that we focus during our kids cricket classes.

The Grip- We start by placing the bat with the striking side down on the floor. Then with the palm inverted and left hand at the top of the bat the children should take a natural grip of the kids cricket bat. This V’s formed between the forefinger and the thumb should point straight down the cricket bat with the hands relatively sloe together. Children can have the hands placed low or higher on the bat based on their personal preference.

The Stance- When children try to get into position for batting during our kids cricket coaching sessions it is crucial that children learn how to take guard. To do this stand directly facing the wicket and help your child to get the bat lined up with the centre cricket wicket stump and ask your child to mark this position on the ground with the cricket bat or if you are practicing on an artificial cricket pitch then tape can be used. These line should then be used to place the toes on the mark or tape and shoulder width apart to ensure that the stance is taken in a position that best defends the batsmen’s stumps. The knees should then be bent slightly with the nose inline with the ball of the back foot and the bat resting on the back foot with the eyes level. A great way to give your child an understanding of this position is to use video analysis to check their position and give them an understanding of how they look at the crease. In terms of weight distribution in the set up position the weight should be distributed with 60% of the weight on the front and the other 40% on the back foot to encourage aggressive shot making. In terms of heel to toe weight distribution at our kids cricket academy in Dubai we encourage our junior cricket players to have the weight on the balls of the feet with only a slight bend in the knees to encourage athletic movements.

Shot Choice- When children are in a good set up position and the ball is being delivered children should choose which shot to play. For more informatiuon on the different types of shots that we teach at our kids cricket academy checkout this article where you can find all of the different shot types and the appropriate contexts to hit each shot type for different deliveries. In the remainder of this section we will look at the technique for hitting the forward drive shot which is one of the most useful shots for children to learn in the early stages of kids cricket coaching.

Forward Drive Backlift- During the back lift children should be encouraged  to keep the bat moving back in a relatively straight-line towards the stumps with the lead wrist loading up the weight of the bat.

Movement To The Ball For A Forward Drive- During the movement towards the ball it is essential that children step towards the ball and have the majority of their weight on the front foot and the bat moving in a straight-line down the wicket.

Here is a video that breaks down each of the above 4 aspects of basics of batting within the context of kids cricket coaching:

Around The Clock Batting Drill

As children get more comfortable with the different shot types a great way for them to get experience hitting shots around the pitch is the around the clock batting drill. This drill challenges children within our kids cricket academy to hit to all 12 positions on an imaginary clock by placing a cone down at the 12 O Clock position directly down the wicket and then moving it around from 1 to 2 o clock and so on when the children hit the ball in the direction of the cone. For children in the earlier stages of learning 12, 3, 6 and 9 o Clock maybe enough to give them a good challenge. For this drill be sure that your child wears a kids cricket helmet for safety even if you are not using real cricket balls.

Batting Drills For At Home

The following skills can be done away for kids cricket coaching sessions so that your child can improve their batting ability even when they are not at their kids cricket academy:

Single Arm Drive- With this drill the cricket bat should be held in the child’s top hand and the ball dropped with the other hand. The batter should arm to hit the ball on the second bounce focussing on driving the bat towards to target, with the shoulders driving down towards the ball and keeping the weight on the front foot. This drill can be repeated with the bottom hand and this drill can be very valuable in checking that your child’s grip on the cricket bat is correct to ensure a straight face when striking the cricket ball.

Dropping From The Chin- Have your child take their cricket set up position with the ball underneath the chin, then drop the ball from the chin and try to execute a forward drive shot. Within our kids cricket classes in Dubai we find that this drill is a great way to improve the hand eye coordination of our youth cricket players at our kids cricket academy.

Back Foot Self Feed- The ball should he held in the bottom batting hand and looped high into the air aiming fro the ball to bounce close to inline with the back foot and then demonstrate good footwork in waiting for the ball to arrive before executing a back foot drive.

Here is a video supporting these drills and even an extra bonus one at the end to help your children advance down the wicket which is a great skill to have your child develop at home and then try out at their kids cricket academy.

Finding Kids Cricket Coaching Near Me?

With these tips i mind we are confident that your child will be on the right path towards becoming a successful batter excelling within this part of this kids cricket coaching sessions. If your child is taking an interest in the game and you would like them to learn cricket in Dubai then why not enroll your child to our kids cricket academy  Our kids cricket classes are part of our Kidster program which gives children access to kids cricket coaching every weekend as well as the chance to get coached in 8 other sports, you can even take 30 Day Free Trial before getting started with our full program to see if the program is a good fit for your child.

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