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Bowling Tips To Accelerate Your Child's Progress In Kids Cricket Coaching

Kids Cricket Coaching- Bowling Tips

If your child has a passion for junior cricket classes then one fo the key areas of the game that they should focus on is the development of their bowling skills. For some children who are natural bowlers this will become the most valuable assets that they bring to the team or for natural batter working on a good bowling action can help your child to become an all rounder who leads the batting order and also takes wickets, making them one of the most valuable players within their kids cricket academy.

The Basic Bowling Action

When children are introduced to bowling within our kids cricket academy in Dubai we like to focus on the core fundamentals that help them to develop a good action:

The Grip– We teach children to make a bunny ears shape with their fingers on top of the ball and the seam in between the fingers and the thumb underneath the ball on the seam.

Bowling Action Stage 1- At our kids cricket academy in Dubai we break the bowling action down into three key stages, the first step is the gather face, which we refer to as ‘eating the apple’ because children should draw the ball to their face and stand on the opposite foot to the bowling arm.

Bowling Action Stage 2- During this stage of the bowling action children should pull an imaginary string from their bowling hand with the non bowling hand pointing to the sky and the bowling hand down by the bowlers side.

Bowling Action Stage 3- Children should then enter the delivery phase by pulling the string down towards the wicket with the non balling arm and the bowling arm coming up and over in a windmill action ideally with the bowling arm brushing the shoulder on the way through until the ball is release and the bowling arm coming through across the body.

In our cricket coaching sessions we like to mark the three stages out with cones getting them to do the movement stage by stage before combining the three stages together into a smooth movement. Here is a video to explain this drill below in the same way that it is carried out within our dubai cricket academy.

Improve Line and Length

When children have developed a consistent bowling action through the above drill the next step is to help them to become a successful bowler is for them to be able to control the line and length of their deliveries. A great way to do this is for them to do a target practice drill involving a bucket. The bucket should be placed in the ideal delivery position a few paces in front of the stumps as shown in the video. The first stage of the drill is for the bowler to try to hit the bucket and as they shown success with this you can even advance the drill to trying to land the ball in the wicket. Within our kids cricket coaching sessions we also like to incorporate catching practice on the way back to the stumps. These kind of multi skill activities are a staple at our cricket academy in Dubai where we try to help our junior cricket students to develop into all round players. Here is a video from My Cricket Coach that demonstrates this great line and length bowling drill.

Bowl Faster

As children begin to demonstrate the ability to successfully control line and length within their cricket bowling the next step especially for pace bowlers is to increase bowling speed.

Step #1- The first step to increasing bowling speed starts with creating a strong base with the lead leg pointing directly at the stumps.
Step #2- As the bowler reaches the delivery phase their hips and shoulders should be level in the vertical plain and not collapsed to ensure an efficient movement and reduce the pressure put on the lower back.
Step #3- As the lead legs lands, ideally just before the crease line a big determinant of the amount of leverage and consequently speed that will be generated is the position of the bowling arm. The further back that the arm is within the windmill action the quicker the arm will snap through. A large determinant of this is the level to which the lead leg has collapsed, the straighter that this leg can be kept the more leverage and speed will be created. A great way to increase this feeling of leverage is through the use of a resistance band to delay the release of the bowling arm and to increase the feeling of a snapping motion
Step #4- The chest drive and bowling arm should come through in a synchronized manner with the bowling arm coming down directly in the direction of the wicket before coming across the body.

Here is a video to summarize this four step process:

Within our kids cricket coaching sessions at our cricket academy we have regularly seen these drills have dramatic increases on the bowling speed of the children within our Dubai cricket academy and are confident that the same success can be replicated for your child.

Finding A Kids Cricket Academy Near Me?

We hope that this article has given you some valuable information in order to help your child to accelerate their progress in their bowling that they can apply within their kids cricket coaching sessions. Stay tuned to our blog for more valuable tips on other aspects of the game such as batting, fielding and cricket tactics. If this article has given you the nudge that you need to get your child involved in a cricket academy in Dubai to hone their skills then we would like to invite you to our cricket coaching sessions as our  Kidster program. During sessions children will receive high quality cricket training for kids from our fully qualified cricket coaches as part of our children’s cricket academy program. The best thing about Kidster is that all of your children will get a 30 Day Free Trial of our kids cricket coaching program as well as 8 other different sports!

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