The Ultimate Guide To A Kids Birthday Party In Dubai

How to organize the perfect kids birthday party in Dubai

Kids Birthday Party Dubai- The Ultimate Guide

The time in the lead up to your child’s birthday party can be very stressful. On top of a busy work schedule having to organize all of the different elements of the kids birthday party in Dubai can get overwhelming. The aim of this article is to give you a step by step guide on how to plan the perfect kids party giving you a clear picture on what needs to be done when and some tips from our professional kids birthday party Dubai planner.

Picking A Date and Time For Your Birthday Party In Dubai

When planning your child’s party it is normally best to schedule the party on a Friday on or just before your child’s birthday party. From our experience with birthday parties in Dubai the most start times for birthday parties in Dubai are 11am so that children can have lunch directly after the activities are over or alternatively starting the party between 2pm and 3:30pm so that your children can have their evening meal straight after. If you are planning to have a party on a Saturday for young children it is often best to avoid a late afternoon start with many parents preferring to get the children home and in bed early ready for the start of the new week.

Choosing The Type Of Kids Birthday Party

Choosing the type of party for your kids birthday is normally the easy, most children have a thing or a couple of things that they are crazy about. From our experience these theme based kids birthday parties work well for children in the early stages of primary school. Whether this be football, hello kitty or batman you can base the party around this theme.  For birthday parties in Dubai for children in the latter stages of primary school or early secondary school activity centered parties often work better with popular parties involving sports, pool parties and dance parties. In addition to this children often enjoy going to destination parties at popular locations like Hub Zero, Atlantis and Wild Wadi.

Decide If You Want The Help Of A Kids Birthday Party Planner

After getting the basic idea of your birthday party if you want to take the headache of organizing everything then now is the time to enlist the help of a birthday party planner. With a quick phone call our party planner can help to transform your idea into life with a wealth of contacts at their disposal to get the most suitable kids birthday party venue and highest quality food, decorations and entertainment all at economical prices that are typically lower than the price that you would pay by going direct as a customer.

Guest List

At this point its time to form a guest list, normally its best to have your child involved in this. At most birthday parties in Dubai we see that children either invite their whole class or a small more tight knit group of friends based on personal preference. For a kids birthday party a big part of this is deciding if adults are also going to be invited as well and also if your budget will allow for the adults to be fed and if so will it be a full meal or just finger food. We will touch upon that in more detail later in the food section.


When you have got a list of guests together for the kids birthday party then it is now time to set a budget. From here you can work out a budget per head which will then dictate the types of party that you can hold. To give you an idea of costing our parties which tend to include an activity, party leader, food for kids and decorations start from 85 dirhams per head. Parties can go up to a maximum of 250 dirhams per head for more exclusive venues and when food options for adults are also introduced. If you find that you are over budget try to think about what your child would most enjoy and is essential for them and the group as a whole to enjoy this birthday party in Dubai.


If you decided to get an kids birthday party planner involved in your kids birthday party then they will likely organize the birthday party invites. If not don’t worry, you can either design some yourself using a tool like google slides which is a free tool with no technical experience needed to design the invite, then just take it to a printing  such a Veehsam Printing Press and they will get the invites printed cut and ready to go. The guys at Veesham printing press can also help with quick and high quality designs if needed and to my knowledge are the best value printing press in Dubai.

Finding A Kids Birthday Party Venue

From our experience with kids birthday parties in Dubai we find that there are typically four types of venues that parents tend to choose as the stage for the big day.

Party At Your Place- If you have the space to have a birthday party in Dubai in your backyard then this can make for a great family centered environment, giving you the chance to socialize whilst your children have fun. Key questions to think about here, is how much space that you have for the children’s activities, in smaller gardens we often do more down tempo activities such as arts and crafts, slime parties and mad science whereas for bigger gardens sports parties are possible.

Public Park Party Venues- If you would like to have a party outdoors but haven’t got the space at home or would rather not have twenty excited kids running around your garden and house then a party at a public park or beach can be a great alternative with open spaces for lots of activities. A couple of things to bear in mind here, if you are going for a kids birthday party in Dubai at a park then you should take approval from the park before confirming the kids birthday party with your guests. Another word of advice for parties in open spaces, it is a good idea to make sure that decorations are either weighed or tied down, there is typically a light breeze in the afternoon here in Dubai so be sure that your decor is secured to avoid it getting scattered in the wind.

Events Hall Party Venues- If you have a large group and a looking for a bespoke party with a large group and potentially food for both adults and children then hiring an events hall can be a great way to stage the kids birthday party.

Destination Party Venues- These kind of parties are when the party is centre around the venue with some form of attraction or activity for children to have fun with. Popular venues include locations such as Oli Oli, Kidzone, Atlantis Water Park and Splash & Party. When we work with parents to organize a kids birthday party at destinations we typically plan for an one to two hours of activities followed by 1 hour in a dedicated party room areas for food and the cake.

With birthday party venues in Dubai it is important to be flexible, first choices are not always available so try to come up with a party idea that isn’t one venue dependent as this could hamper the birthday party plans.

Birthday Party In Dubai Activities

If you want your kids birthday party to be as action packed as possible then it is a great idea to schedule some activities. If you have enlisted a kids birthday party planner they will likely provide all of this for you sending you an itinerary before the start of the event. If you are going it alone then don’t worry their are plenty of places that you can find great ideas for party games. If you are holding a kids sports party in Dubai there are plenty of sports activities for kids to be found on our blog that you can help you out. Our experienced sports coaches that run our popular Kidster team are on hand to give parties in popular kids activities in Dubai such as Football, Basketball and Gymnastics are also available for sports parties.  Alternatively if you are not hosting a sports party checkout this link for a list of fun birthday party games for children of all ages.


If you want to wow the little ones at a kids birthday party a great way to do this is to bring an entertainer into the mix. From the experience as kids birthday planners in Dubai we tend to get the most requests for clowns, magicians, facepainters and puppet shows. If you are hiring an entertainer yourself we would always recommend asking them to send a video first of a previous performance to make sure that they are up to scratch in terms of costumes, delivery of their act and most importantly interactions with the children.

Birthday Party Decorations

When you are organizing the decorations for a kids birthday party in Dubai there are typically three types of decorations to consider:

The Food Table- For the food table typical decorations that we offer at our are placemats, party hats, personalized cup labels, themed centre pieces as well as baloons tied to the seats of the chairs.

The Cake Table- If you plan to decorate the cake table at your kids birthday party a great way to do this is with a balloon arch which frames the cake table perfectly and is great for photos.

The Whole Room- If you want to wow your little one and the guest you can decorate the whole birthday party space. Creative minds is a kids birthday party store in Dubai that offers a wide range of elaborate props to bring the space to life for the big day.

Food For Kids Birthday Parties

For kids and adults alike food is one of the key parts to any birthday party. If you are providing food for adults as well as children be sure to put on the RSVP what to expect, if its going to be finger food then parents should know before hand so that they don’t come expecting a full meal and then go hungry. From our experience with kids birthday parties in Dubai we find that its always a good idea to separate the food for kids and adults as kids party food is often very snacky and not the best of meals for adults.

Bring Your Own- If you are having your party at home or at a public place then making food yourself is an option. If you are not getting any help with activities then we advise parents that are staging a kids birthday party in Dubai to go for foods that can be prepared in advance to avoid you being in the kitchen and missing all of the activities and missing out on those precious moments with your child.

Order- Again for home and public park parties, with the wide range of delivery apps available in Dubai ordering food is a great way of getting a wide variety of cuisine can can be a good option particularly if you have a mixture of kids and adults eating at the kids birthday party.

Food Provided By Your Kids Birthday Party Planner- If you are bringing an event planner on board they will be able to offer a variety of cold and hot food options for your child’s birthday party. Here are some images of the foof that we have provided at our kids birthday parties in Dubai to give you a feel for what catered options look like:

Venue Provided- If you are choosing a venue that provides food then be sure to check that the menu matches your budget before reserving the location. In many instances at kids birthday party venues for kids in Dubai food can be super expensive and can make the party go over budget.

Kids Birthday Party Dubai Prices

Children’s birthday parties vary massively in price depending on which option you go for. Organizing your birthday party in a park and sourcing the food and decorations yourself can keep the party cost well under 500 dirhams whilst  extravagant birthday parties at high end hotel venues with decorations and entertainers can be rack up a bill of thousands of dirhams. Our most popular kids birthday party packages come to between 85 and 100 dirhams per head with food, venue hire, decorations and activities included giving an affordable way to celebrate your child’s big day.

Example Party

Here is a video shoot that we did from one our our parties to give you a feel for how the party ca look when you bring all of these elements together:

Kids Birthday Party Dubai Help!

We hope that you enjoyed the article and it pointed you in the right direction with the different elements involved in getting everything right for your kids birthday party in Dubai. If you need further assistance planning your kid’s birthday party then feel free to get in . touch with our party planner via our kids birthday party page. Here you will find all of the information about the party packages that we offer and can give the key information about your party so that our party planner Habiba and our team can take things forward from there.

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