Popular Kids Birthday Party Ideas

How to choose a birthday party for kids in Dubai

Popular Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Your children’s birthday party is an exciting time of the year for the whole family and particularly for your little one. A great way to make the day extra special is to organize the theme yourself so that the whole day is a surprise for your child making it that extra bit more magical! In this article we lend our experience as kids birthday party planners by giving some ideas based on the most popular kids birthday party requests that our birthday party planner receives on a monthly basis for both boy’s birthday parties and girls birthday parties.

Popular Kids Birthday Parties For Boys

Sports Parties

For parents looking for a kids birthday for their boy a sports birthday party is very popular for kids in Dubai. We regularly hold birthday parties with kids activities that are centred around basketball and football giving children the chance to play fun challenges, matches and also sports themed decorations. We hold these style of birthday parties at our Kidster venue at Hartland International School as well as at other locations with open spaces such as back gardens, parks and beaches.

Superhero Parties

For children who love their marvel superhero movies a popular kids birthday party in Dubai are our superhero themed birthday parties. At these parties children are able to get into character with customized costumes and props and take part in a variety of kids activities that are all centred around the superhero based theme.

Dream Job Parties

For many boys there is no better birthday party than a role play party where children get into the character of the job that they would like to have when they grow up. We regularly host builder, fireman and pilot themed kids birthday parties in Dubai. If you want to take this to the next level Kidzania allow children to experience a wide variety of roles within their immersive experience that is perfect for a birthday party in Dubai.

Popular Kids Birthday Parties For Girls

Spa Parties

For girls nearing the end of primary and early secondary school that want to be pampered a spa party is often very popular. Children are treated to manicure and pedicures by a spa professional before the activities and food!

Pool Parties

For children with a pool in the back garden or within the compound a pool party is a very popular option for children. For these style of parties it is always important to ensure that the party leader has swimming related qualifications and that there is a lifeguard on hand to ensure the safety of all of the children. Within our birthday parties for kids that involve swimming popular activities that children enjoy are sharks and minnows and water polo. Before deciding on a kids swimming party it is a good idea to make sure that all of the children invited are of a similar swimming ability so that they can enjoy the activities that are on offer.

Sports Parties

When it comes to girl’s birthday parties involving sports the two most popular activities on offer are dance and gymnastics. For these parties we can stage activities either at our Kidster venue or in an open space of your choosing. By giving us an understanding of the previous experience of the children in the group and the aspects of dance or gymnastics that the girls would like to base the kids activities around we can help to stage the perfect girls birthday party.

Cartoon Character Parties

For girl’s character based parties that are very popular include hello kitty, princess parties and frozen. For these activities we provide a variety of theme based kids activities that fit the storyline and characters and for an extra special touch we can also have our party leader dress up as the lead character so that everyone is in character for the day.

Destination Birthday Parties

For both boys and girls alike there are some very popular locations that allow for the activities at the party to take centre stage. By contacting our kids birthday party planner  we will be able to arrange preferential rates at these locations so that you can get the best value out of your destination kids birthday party in Dubai.

Kidzone Soft Play: For children between the ages of 3- 7 one of our very popular locations is Kidzone soft play area. In these kids birthdays parties children are able to get involved with both party leader led and free play based kids activities before it is time for the food and cake!

IMG Worlds Of Adventure: For a kids birthday party for thrill seekers IMG worlds of adventures is a fantastic option. This venue hosts a variety of rides and attractions themed around marvel and cartoon network and is currently the world’s largest indoor theme park and as such is a great option for a party all year round but particularly in the warmer summer months.

Bounce: This trampoline park is great for an active party and is particularly popular if you are looking for a kids birthday party for children in the latter stages of primary school. Birthday parties for kids at bounce can be centred around parkour, freestyle or even dodgeball.

Riverland: Riverland is a large theme park with a variety of different attractions. Through our partnership with Riverland we are able to offer our wide variety of kids birthday party options all at this large scale theme park location.

How To Organize A Kids Birthday Party In Dubai

We are hoping that having read this article you have some great ideas about a potential birthday party for your child. If you want to bring the idea to life but don’t have time to organize things yourself then why not make an enquire with our kids birthday organizer. We have a simple process to turn your idea and details relating to the number of guests, venue and food requirements into a reality.  We hope that you we can be part of your child’s big day and feel free to contact us if you have any further queries relating to your kids birthday party.

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