Which Position Is Best For My Child In Kids Basketball

How to choose the best position in basketball for kids

Which Position Is Best For My Child In Kids Basketball

After the child has developed the basics within their basketball training for kids it is a good idea for you to have an understanding of the 5 key positions within basketball for children so that you can have an understanding of your child’s role within a game. This will also help you to make future decisions with your child and basketball coach relating to any changes that might be needed within your child’s skills et or even a change of position within kids basketball. In this article we will look at each of the five kids basketball positions on turn in terms of their key responsibilities, important attributes and role models that your child can try to copy within their basketball training for kids.

Point Guard

The point guard acts as the playmaker for the team within kids basketball and is responsible for bringing the ball up the court and creating attacking positions and is often one of the shorter players on the kids basketball team. If children have ambitions of becoming a point guard it is important that they develop a high on court IQ, are able to read the oppositions defensive position and have an acute understanding of their team mate strengths and weaknesses all of which can be learnt within game style situations within basketball training for kids. Another important characteristic of a good point guard is that they should be unselfish, as the point guard will be in position of the ball for a large percentage of the time they must recognize when their teammates are in a more advantageous attacking position and be willing to release the ball. In terms of the technical skill set required to play point guard within kids basketball children should have strong dribbling, ball handling and shooting skills. In terms of defense the main role of the point guard is to disrupt the oppositions many ball handler by playing aggressive but smart defense always keeping themselves between the attacking player and the basket. With regards to a point guard role model within basketball for children Stephen Curry is a great place to start, here are some videos of him in action that your child could watch before heading to their kids basketball academy.

Shooting Guard

The shooting guard is a player who takes up a position on the wing when their team is on offense. This player is typically one of the kids basketball players with the best hooting ability as they must be able to shoot consistently from both just inside and just outside the three point line. If your child’s shooting ability is matched with strong ball handling skills within their basketball training for kids sessions then shooting guard might be the best position for your child as the shooting guard is also the teams secondary ball handler on court. In defense the shooting guard should be quick and able to avoid screens where opposing centres and forwards are trying to block them from defending a shooting player. With regards to a role model the two most notable shooting guards are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant who were both prolific players in both offense and defense and widely regarded as the best players in the NBA in their own respective eras.

Small Forward

Typically the small forward should be the most versatile player of the court with both a strong offensive and defensive game being able to disrupt the opposition with a long reach in defense but also pose a strong attacking threat being able to score from a variety of positions simlair to a point guard. The most successful small forward of recent times is Lebron James who’s offensive and defensive skills should be emulated by any young athlete aiming for success in basketball for kids.

Power Forward

Typically the power forward is the second tallest player on the court and should be strong, have a good midrange and close range shooting game and also be able to block, screen and rebound. Within basketball for children the power forward is responsible for scoring a lot of the points for their team. In modern kids basketball it is also beneficial for children. to develop the ability to score a three point shot so that they can become a ‘stretch’ power forward that poses and attaching threat even when they are not in close range of the kids basketball hoop. Kevin Love is a well recognized and accomplished power forward that your children should watch and try to emulate during basketball classes at their kids basketball academy.


The centre is typically the tallest and strongest player on the court and typically spends most of their offensive time around the basket. Key skills that a child should develop within basketball for children in order to become an accomplished centre are strong ball handling skills, a strong layup and a high basketball IQ. In additon to this because centres tend to receive the basketball in threatening positions that are close to the basket they are likely to be one of the most fouled players so should develop a high success from the free throw line. When on defense the main role of a centre is to cover space on the court and force attacking players to change their path to the basket and to force shots from deep positions where success rate will be lower. A great example of a successful centre is American giant Shaq O’Neil who controlled many games whilst playing as a centre for the LA Lakers.

Kids Basketball Positions Summary

It is important to note that in modern basketball for kids the above five positions become quite fluid particularly within basketball training for kids when the focus is more on skills rather than position. That said as your child advances into the older age groups of their kids basketball academy the positions and above roles will become more concrete and a solid understanding of roles responsibilities and the position that your child is best suited to becoming more relevant with every kids basketball class.

Getting Started With Basketball Training For Kids

We hope that you now have a good understanding of the key positions within basketball for children and that this will help your child to play to their strengths and give the most value to their kids basketball team. If you would like to get your child started with basketball training for kids or are looking for a basketball academy near me then why not try our unlimited kids sports coaching Kidster program which is available at Hartland International School every Friday and Saturday. With small student:coach ratios and sports related kids activities available every hour Kidster offers the broadest range of activities in terms of a kids sports academy and is all in one convenient and high quality location.

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