How To Improve Shooting In Kids Basketball

Help Your Child To Success In Kids Basketball Shooting

How To Improve Shooting In Kids Basketball Coaching

As sports professionals in Dubai we see that basketball training for kids is one of the most popular activities for kids in Dubai. Within our kids basketball coaching classes the part of the session that children tend to look forward to the most is shooting. We regularly see children’s faces light up with joy when they make their first basket and as such shooting is seen as the highlight of our kids basketball coaching program for the majority of children. This article aims to give you some tips to help accelerate your child’s progress in shooting for increases in success rate and confidence levels.

Developing Solid Shooting Technique

The first part of helping your child to become one of the top shooters within their basketball academy is to develop goof fundamentals. The below process ensures that your children get the basics right by breaking the shooting action down into four simple steps.

Step 1- Children should start with a square body position using the lines on the basketball court to match their feet towards a target.
Step 2- Next children should move the ball from the shot pocket into a locked and loaded position with the knees bent and the ball in front of the body with one hand supporting the ball and the dominant hand underneath the ball with the fingers pointing towards the face.
Step 3- Next the ball should be propelled forwards and upwards with the the holding the ‘parachute’ finish position until the ball lands trying to make the ball land exactly on the line.
Step 4- The players should then collect the ball and then try the drill again seeing how many times that they can hit the line on the basketball court whilst executing the shot with perfect form.

This drill is an activity is one that we regularly use within basketball training for kids within our basketball academy as it allows children to focus purely on technique and the direction of the shot. Checkout the video to see exactly how this drill can help your child to progress within kids basketball.

Advanced Kids Basketball Coaching Shooting Drills

After your child has established basic technique through the above drills you can then work on helping your child with the more intricate elements of technique. Here are three drills to perfect your child’s shooting taken directly from our kids basketball academy curriculum:

Drill #1- Children should lie on their bask on the court and hold the ball within their shooting arm. The aim of this drill is to throw the ball using the shooting wrist action and catch the ball with the same arm. This drill is great for the development of hand eye coordination, which will help with other elements of kids basketball coaching and also develops a great wrist action to put backspin on the ball when shooting.

Drill #2- The next drill involves shooting with one hand. children should start by standing underneath the basket and take one step back in any direction towards the three throw line. Children should them aim to shoot using a curved trajectory aiming for the ball not to touch the hoop to create a perfect swish when the basketball passes through the basketball hoop. For this drill the distance between your child’s kids basketball shoes should be the same width as the shoulders in order to promote stability and balance. Children should progress in an arc all the way around the basket trying to score from each position. Providing that your child is shooting to an appropriately sized kids basketball hoop this drill will help your child to become more stable with their shooting arm.

Drill #3- This drill is called mid range shooting and involves taking shots from one metre behind the key. Have you child spin the ball back to themselves, catch the ball and then shoot immediately all in one smooth flowing movement. This drills replicates the situations in which children are most likely to have to shoot from during games within kids basketball classes at their kids basketball academy. This drill can be repeated taking one step back so that shots are taken from just inside of the three point line and then again with another step back to practice three points. In order for your child to get the maximum benefit from this kids basketball coaching drill if your child is under the age of 11 then it is a good idea to use scales distances as shooting from longer ranges can result in sacrifices being made with technique.

Here are these three drills in action that you can practice away from your child’s kids basketball classes at a basketball court near you.

Basketball Training For Kids To Improve Shooting Range

As your child prefects technique through the above two activities it is now time to develop your child’s shooting range. Being able to maintain forming and shooting accuracy when shooting from distance will help your child to become a threat within junior basketball matches at their basketball academy as they will be able to score from in or outside the three point line.

Tip #1– Children should develop a one motion shot, where they time the release of the ball as the body is moving up due to the upward force being exerted by the legs. This means that more upwards momentum can be transferred into the ball and therefore shooting range is increased.

Tip # 2- Starting the beginning position of the shot, known as the shot path a little lower gives an increased range of motion for the shooting action allowing increased force production from the arms and chest muscles and therefor significantly increasing shooting range within kids basketball players.

Tip # 3- Have your child practice shooting shots from further away than they normally would, this will help to expand their range. When using this tip be sure to have your child try to maintain good technique and don’t over use this drill as it can mean that technique suffers as a result.

Here is a video focussed on basketball for children that gives a visual demonstration of the above three drills.

How To Find Basketball Training For Kids Near Me?

I hope that this article gives your child a fast track to improving their kids basketball shooting skills. If this has . encouraged you to get your child involved in basketball training for kids at a basketball academy then why not try our unique sports coaching service Kidster. Here your children will receive unlimited sports coaching in 8 different sports including kids basketball classes every Friday and Saturday at Hartland International School. One of the great benefits of Kidster is that you can get started with a 30 day free trial giving your children to to experience our kids basketball coaching before enrolling to our program.

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