What Are The Health Benefits Of Kids Basketball Coaching?

How could your child's fitness improved by joining a kids basketball academy

Kids Basketball Coaching, The Health Benefits

Our kids basketball classes that we run as part of our basketball academy at Kidster are very popular in all three of our core age groups. As well as being a very fun sport for children basketball training for kids have a series of health benefits that make it one of the best sports for children to be involved in to become an all round athlete and live an active and healthy lifestyle. In this article we will look at the eight core health benefits of kids basketball classes.

Cardio Vascular Fitness

Basketball is played on a 94 foot court with the ball and the player’s from both 5 man team moving up and down it at a rapid rate. As such kids basketball classes offer a great form of interval training that not seen as an arduous form of exercise due to the fun nature of the sport. Typically within our kids basketball academy children burn 100’s of calories without even realizing it as they are so focussed on the task in hand whether this be defense drills, shooting or 5 on 5 games.

Hand Eye Coordination

Involved in all of the activities within our basketball training for kids children are required to receive, handle, dribble and shoot the ball. The strong emphasis on these skills develops excellent dexterity and hand eye coordination both of which skills are very transferrable to a variety of other sports and help children to become well rounded athletes. Within our kids basketball academy we place an emphasis on ensuring that children can perform all of the previously mentioned skills whilst keeping an awareness of what is going on around them. This results in children taking part in kids basketball classes having a heightened spatial awareness and proprioception.


Whilst performing both offense and defensive skills within basketball training for kids students are required to develop great lateral movement skills in order to beat defenders, intercept passes and get into space to receive the ball from opponents. As such children attending a kids basketball academy tend to develop excellent agility. Within our kids basketball coaching sessions we regularly work on activities designed to further improve agility such as this drill shown in the video below.

Kids Basketball Coaching Develops Transferrable Skills

Basketball develops many transferable skills that can be translate to other sports, here are a few examples:

  • Being able to jump and time the catch of a rebound relates to sports such as rugby, cricket and also heading a ball in football.
  • Having good footwork relates to activities such as gymnastics, ballet and also tennis
  • The vision to be able to pick out a pass to a team mate relates to a variety of team sports but in particular to football.

Social Camaraderie

Due to the fact that basketball is a team sport with a strong fitness element children develop strong bonds with the children that they share their kids basketball classes with. They also gain an understanding of the importance of trusting others as they work as part of a team within kids basketball classes.


When children play small sided games within our kids basketball coaching sessions they quickly realize that they can’t dribble past everyone alone and hog the ball. In light of this fact getting your child involved in a kids basketball academy can help your child to understand the importance of working with team mates in order to achieve a common goal.


Within our kids basketball classes our fully qualified coaches place a strong emphasis on ensuring that all player’s abide by a specific set of rules in terms of both behavioural expectations and performance standards. This helps children to understand that basketball is a game of fine margins and that dedication to practice and preparation with their kids basketball coaching activities will help them to be successful in game situations as the progress up the ranks at our kids basketball academy.

Work Ethic

For young children kids basketball coaching can be hardwork with a prevalent emphasis on fitness and interval training so that children can keep up with fast paced games when competing against children from another kids basketball academy. As such children learn through kids basketball that in order for them to shine on the court in game situations they must put in the hard work and dedication behind the scenes in order to do so.

How To Find Basketball Training For Kids Near Me?

As I hope that we have been able to demonstrate there are some many health and fitness benefits to be gained by getting your child involved in a kids basketball academy in Dubai. If you are ready to take the first step in getting your children stated with kids basketball coaches then the best way to start is bey taking a 30 day trial of unlimited sports coaching as part of our Kidster program. This unique opportunity will allow your child to take kids basketball classes alongside other children on similar ages within our kids basketball academy and as if this wasn’t enough your child will also have access to 8 other sports too!

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