Kids Basketball Coaching Dribbling Secrets

How To Improve Dribbling In Kids Basketball

Kids Basketball Coaching Dribbling Secrets

Basketball is a great kids activity in Dubai and a sport that is very popular within our Kidster coaching program. One of the fundamental skills that we aim to teach our children from a young age within our kids basketball coaching sessions is to become natural handlers of the basketball with strong dribbling skills. In. this article we will look at a series of fun and dynamic skills taken from our basketball coaching program that will help your child to develop their dribbling skills away from their basketball academy.

Key Elements Of Good Dribbling Within Kids Basketball Coaching

When children start out at our kids basketball academy we find that there is a shortlist of skills that children should aim to perfect in order to become competent dribblers. These skills include getting into a low, active and athletic position, having an active off hand, being able to protect the basketball from defenders and generally having great control of the basketball. We will now look at each of these elements in turn with a few drills that help to encourage all four of these key elements. The beauty of these basketball coaching exercises us that they only need a basketball and a small amount of space for bouncing the ball so can be done at home away from the kids basketball academy.

Dribbling Behind The Foot

Children should start out with their feet wider than the shoulders with two cones in front of their feet. The ball should be dribbled behind the foot and the player should reach across touching the cone in front of them with their off hand, a cross over should then be used to switch the ball to the opposite side of the body and repeated on the other side. This kids basketball coaching drill is a great way to encourage children to have an active off hand and be able to perform a cross over both of which gives children he ability to protect the basketball from opposing players all whilst saying in a wide and low stance.

Figure Of Eight Dribbling

Next children should keep the cones in the same position and try to dribble the ball around the cones in a figure of eight whilst keeping the ball and their body position close the the ground. This helps to sharpen children’s ball control and is a drill that we do regularly at our kids basketball academy in the warm up part of our basketball coaching sessions. This drill should be done exclusively with the none dominant dribbling hand before the basketball is switched to the less dominant dribbling arm with the goal of helping children to gain control of the ball with a variety of dribbling positions.

Behind The Back

Again in a wide stance children should dribble the ball in front of them, the behind the back and then back in front making a circular motion around the body. When children are comfortable doing this in one direction try reversing it until they are comfortable doing this on both sides. This drill not only helps children to protect the basketball from opposing players but is also a more advanced ball handling skill that increases their awareness of the ball in relation to the body and how to move the ball around the body without looking directly at the ball which is key to keeping the body facing down the basketball court and towards the basketball hoop. One key that we try to have children focus on within our kids basketball coaching sessions is to ensure that they use enough force when dribbling the ball behind the back so that it rebounds up into the other hand so that they don’t have to look down for the ball.

Plant and Crossover Drill

In this drill pointed cones should be placed around 2 years apart with children plating their outside foot before cross the ball over the body and passing through the gap between the cones. This is a great drill for beating the defender and making space to shoot a basket which is a big part of becoming a good attacking player within kids basketball coaching. We use this drill regularly within our kids basketball academy so that children can develop the required footwork and ball handling skills to more laterally with the basketball.

High To Low Dribbling

Keeping the cones in the same position as the previous drill children should dribble the ball powerfully up high and then as they approach the cone kill the dribble down low. This will develop great hand dexterity and dramatically increase your child’s control of the basketball. This can help your child to become a significantly better ball handler as they will have more control over the ball in tight situations and meant hat they will be less likely to panic and catch the ball when under pressure from defenders when in high pressure situations during 5v5 games at the end of their kids basketball coaching sessions. This drill should be repeated on both sides of the body with a particular focus on the none dominant hand to ensure that your child remains balanced with their ball handling skills.

Retreat Dribble

As well as being comfortable moving forwards with the basketball we like to ensure that children within our kids basketball academy are also comfortable moving away from the basket with the ball. With the same set up as detailed in the last drill we have children dribble forward quickly two cones before retreating one cone all the time touching the cone with an active off hand. This should be done on both dribbling hands and with both feet stopping at the cone before retreating to develop balanced footwork and competence on both hands when dribbling.

Here is a video of all of these drills to give you a visual representation of how we set these kinds of kids basketball coaching dribbling drills up within our basketball academy.

How To Kids Basketball Coaching Near Me?

Dribbling is one of the key parts of becoming a successful player within kids basketball and we hope that these drills give you the head start that your child needs with their ball handling skills. If you would like to get your child involved in kids basketball coaching then why not try our Kidster Program which offers unlimited kids activities including access to our basketball academy. As part of the Kidster program your children will have access to classes every weekend and can even avail a 30 day free trial giving them to meet our fully qualified instructors that are specialists in kids basketball coaching.

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