The Best Kids Basketball Drills To Play With Your Child

The best drills for basketball for children

The Best Kids Basketball Drills To Play With Your Child

Basketball is a great sport to play with your child particularly when they are in the early stages of the game. With most community areas having a basketball court open for residents and basketball hoops for kids available online there is no excuse for not making it out onto the court to shoot some hoops with your little one. In this article we look at some fun activities that you can play with your child, all of which just require a ball and a hoop making them some of the most accessible games in terms of basketball for children.

Kids Basketball Dribbling Challenges

When reaching the basketball court a great way to bet started with your parent and child basketball session is to have a dribbling challenge. In terms of basketball for kids dribbling drills should push children out of their comfort with challenges like dribbling with the weaker hand, figure of eight dribbling and dribbling behind the back and around the body.

Simon Says For Children’s Basketball

A great way to improve dribbling skills in kids basketball is to play Simon says. The main variation with this game is to control the height of dribbling, use the commands below for these games:

  • Dribble at sock height
  • Dribble at hip height
  • Dribble at shoulder height

In addition to these verbal commands you can also use visual gestures like raising the right or left hand to signal which hand to dribble as this is a great way to encourage dribbling with the head up within basketball for children.

Another variation of the simon says game is to call different parts of the court, let your child call out different areas such as the key, free throw line and three point line and then race to that part. The person who correctly reaches the area first gains a point and through this exercise children quickly gain a full understanding of the different areas of the court. If you or your child are unsure of the different areas of the court checkout our 10 key to basketball success blog post where you will find information about the court.

Tic Tac Toe Basketball Shooting Drills

In this game take it in turns to shoot a basketball with your child with a tic tac toe board marked out behind you with chalk. If you make a shot then you can mark an X or an O on the board with the first player forming a line of three winning that round. With this game you can play first to five or first to ten round dependent on the amount of time that you have on the basketball court.

Play 1v1 Basketball

1v1 games are a great way to get children to progress with their attacking dribbling and shooting skills. Encourage your child to perform a skill such as a cross over to try to get past you as the defender before shooting at the basket. Start by taking it easy so that your child can have fun and score and then level up your defending skills as your child becomes more confident with their kids basketball skills.

Play Count The Passes With The Whole Family

This is a great game to play with all of the family and involves seeing how many consecutive passes that you can make without the ball dropping on the floor. This is a great way to improve passing accuracy under pressure. A great way to help to mimic the pressure that your children would be under in kids basketball game is to say that after each 10 consecutive passes they should try to score a layup in order to continue.


This classic shooting game is a great drill in terms of shooting within basketball for kids in Dubai. Have your child shoot from a place of their choosing on the basketball court. If they make the shot you must also make it from the same location to avoid getting a letter H. If they miss they shot you can shoot from a position of your choosing, if you make it then your child has to make the shot in order to not get a letter H. The game continues until one player is a HORSE with the other player being announced as the winner. In terms of shooting within basketball for kids there is no better way of mimicking the pressure of a match with in a kids basketball class by putting a small reward on the winner of the game of horse.

Basketball For Children- Gametime

Taking your child to a basketball game can be a great way of bonding and getting them involved in the sport. For your little one the idea of supporting the same team as your parent is a great bonding activity and studies have also shown that going to watch games increases the rate of progress in terms of basketball for children as they mirror the actions of elite players in their own kids basketball classes.

How To Find Basketball Classes Near Me?

These kids basketball activities will help you to get your child into basketball at a basic level. If you would like to take their kids basketball to the next level then the next step is to get started your child involved in kids basketball academy where your children will be able to learn kids basketball among other keen young players. A great way to start this is by enrolling your child to the Kidster Program. Within this program se offer access to our basketball academy which offers weekly coaching in basketball for children between the ages of 3-11. The best part about Kidster is that you can get started with a 30 day free trial so that you get the chance for your child to experience our kids basketball classes before signing up to the full program.

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