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Children's Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts is a fantastic life skill for young children to learn. As well as learning how to defend themselves children also learn valuabe lessons in discipline, control and respect. Our martial arts program offers a holistic and fun approach to learning the sport.

Our Children's Martial Arts Classes Include:

  • 1 hour long sessions with children within their relevant age groups (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years)
  • Warm ups based in fundamental movement skills to develop coordination, agility, speed, power and flexibility.
  • A focus on the core skills needed to use karate in everyday life.
  • Helping children to develop the eight virtues of traditional kata including politness, discpline, vigilance, inner strength, phsyical strength, self defense, mental strength and loyalty,
  • In all of our sessions safety comes first so that children can learn how to strike and kick effectively.

Unlimited Access

Kidster offers unlimited sports and personal development coaching sessions available every Friday and Saturday. We have 9 different sports on offer with 1 hour sessions running from 7:30am-6:30pm.

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Hundreds of parents love our service and we are sure that you will too, don’t take our word for it though, you can try Kidster for 15 days absolutely free!

High Quality Sports Coaching

At Kidster we provide high quality sports coaching in football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, cricket, golf and martial arts and help children to develop into well rounded individuals!

Kids Martial Arts Academy Program Overview

Children’s Martial Arts Academy Philosophy

Through our martial arts program we aim to help young boys and girls develop their confidence and self esteem whilst simultaneously developing the ability to defend themselves. Through our sessions we aim to develop the focus, balance, strength, flexibility and control allowing children to perform a variety of kicking, punching, blocking and other combative movements. Alongside this we see it as our role as Martial Arts instructors to develop respect, control and discipline.

Our Martial Arts Coaches

Our martial arts coaches are fully qualified in their respective disciplines and have a wealth of experience in helping children to develop their self defense skills. Our coaches are passionate about helping children to discover the many benefits of martial arts and as such employ a reflective learning strategy where children are taught to respect their coach and other students. Students are also challenged to show individual improvements from one martial arts class to the next.

Children’s Martial Arts Training Structure

Our classes start with a slow paced warm normally focussed on flexibility. From here the coach will introduce an element of technique that the children will try to emulate. As children become more familiar with the movement progressions will be added where necessary. Lastly children will then be asked to demonstrate what hey have learn in front of the group either with a partner or individually to conclude the martial arts classes.

Kids Martial Arts Academy Program Overview


Striking is the most common element of martial arts and involves kicking and striking. Through our program we aim to help children to develop thrusting (Tsuki-waza) based and circular (Uchi-waza) style punches. When it comes to kicking children will learn front, side and roundhouse kicks as well as how to strike with different parts of the foot.

Throwing and Takedowns

When our coaches refer to takedowns and throwing this relates to all other techniques aimed to remove the opponent from their feet excluding striking. Children will be taught takedown movements involving the hands, hips and feet. In our classes the focus is primarily on technique with all takedowns demonstrated step by step by the martial arts coach.

Joint Locking

The next element of our martial arts classes is joint locking. Children will learn hyper extension, compression and twisting locks and how to use them against an opponent. Most of the joint locks that we teach are from a standing position to make space for strikes or facilitate takedowns although some joint locks can also be done from the floor too.


The final aspect of our martial arts coaching program is grappling. In martial arts grappling is often used to better your position against your opponent to set up future moves and some are also seen as offensive movements with their own right. Through our marital arts training sessions focussing on grappling children will learn the importance of limb control, off balancing and regaining the feet.

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