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Kids Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastics is one of our most popular activities amongst both boys and girls and develops excellent transferable skills such as flexibility, balance and coordination. Our program delivers these skills through high energy group based activity with the aim of developing skills that will form the bedrock for rhythmic, tumbling or acrobatic gymnastics.

Our Children's Gymnastics Classes Include:

  • 1 hour long sessions with children within their relevant age groups (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years)
  • Fundamental movement skills based warm ups to develop flexibility, coordination, balance, speed and awareness.
  • Our programs place a particular focus on the development of skills specific to gymnastics; flexibility, core strength, balance, upper and lower-body strength, power, mental focus, discipline, and dedication.
  • Our program begins with a combination of static and dynamic floor exercises to develop the prerequisite skills to graduate to more complicated movements involving equipment in later stages.
  • Regular individual coach interventions to highlight players performing skills well or areas for improvement specific to the focus area of the session.
  • Regular assessments and progress checks based on the Kidster ability level system.

Unlimited Access

Kidster offers unlimited sports and personal development coaching sessions available every Friday and Saturday. We have 9 different sports on offer with 1 hour sessions running from 7:30am-6:30pm.

First 30 Days Free

Hundreds of parents love our service and we are sure that you will too, don’t take our word for it though, you can try Kidster for 15 days absolutely free!

High Quality Sports Coaching

At Kidster we provide high quality sports coaching in football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, cricket, golf and martial arts and help children to develop into well rounded individuals!

Kids Gymnastics Academy Program Overview

Kids Gymnastics Academy Philosophy

Gymnastics is a unique discipline for children to get involved in in the sense that it incorporates the development of such a wide range of physical training attributes. Within our gymnastics coaching sessions we aim to develop flexibility, power, balance, accuracy, body awareness and coordination through a blend of group and individual activities involving fine and gross motor skills.

Our Gymnastics Coaches

Our fully qualified gymnastics coaches are specialists in working with young gymnasts. Our curriculum is progressive with children starting with more fundamental and basic movements and shapes primarily with exercises on the gymnastics mat. As children become comfortable executing these positions are then incorporate in movements either through tumbling exercises, floor exercises and bar work.

Kids Gymnastics Classes Structure

Our children’s gymnastics academy sessions start with an active warm up incorporating fundamental movements such as bear crawls, crab walks and duck walks. We then enter the skill acquisition phase which is lead by our coaches normally to develop strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness under the guidance of the coach. Lastly these skills are incorporated within a performance based movement.

The 6 Key Areas Of Our Children's Gymnastics Classes


Flexibility forms the bases for children’s gymnastics coaching. It is essential that children. Develop a the right range of motions as this is a pre requisite skill to learn a variety of different skills. We focus primarily on shoulder based flexibility providing a gateway to bridges and back handsprings as well as hip flexibility allowing children to perform splits, jumps and leaps. A good range of flexibility also reduces the risk of injury and increases overall athletic performance.


Our gymnastics coaches develop balance in a very progressive way through our tiered gymnastics curriculum. We start with floor based drills with the aim of helping children to gain the awareness of the body in space and the effects of this on centre of gravity. From here we progress to our on floor training beams to gain confidence on a narrow beam and finally to a regular beam increasing the complexity of movements as children progress.

Strength and Body Tension

One of the main benefits of gymnastics classes for young children is that function strength is developed in a variety of different ways. Our coaches help children to gradually become stronger through the combination of body weight hold exercises, jumping, bar work and tumbling. The strength built here is very transferrable to a wide range of whole body movements and helps children to apply force quickly which helps them to become powerful athletes.

Floor Work

Floor work is a regular feature within our gymnastics classes. The basic skills that are taught through the early stages of our gymnastics program are forward rolls, handstands, cartwheel, jumps and roundoffs. In addition to these movements we also work on static exercises to develop flexibility and also body weight hold positions as discussed in the previous section.

Bar Work

When working on the bars the first goal is to help children to develop the strength and confidence to hang from the bars. Following on from this our coaches assist children with basic kipping movements. This allows children to get comfortable swinging on the bars before progressing to more advanced techniques such as connecting half turns, the pullover, cast, backup circle and dismount. With all of our bar exercises safety is our priority with coaches spotting all activities.


After mastering the more basic forwards and backwards rolls through floor exercises our coaches help children to learn to gymnastics tumbling. Through the use of thick padded mats at varying heights children are able to gain confidence gradually progressing to the performance of tucks, summersaults, flips and handsprings. The key here is allowing each child to progress at their own ability only moving to the next progression when they are comfortable.

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