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Children's Football Coaching In Dubai

Children's Football Coaching

If your child has a passion for football and you are looking for high quality football coaching for kids in Fubai then you have come to the right place. Our children’s football academy is designed by FA qualified coaches with the goal of developing young players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet, strong fundamentals in the key areas of the game and the ability to play within a team focussed on the principles of modern football such as ball retention, pressing and attacking football.

Our Kids Football Classes Include:

  • 1 hour long sessions with children within their relevant age groups (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years)
  • Fundamental movement skills based warm ups to develop coordination, balance, speed, strength and awareness.
  • Our activities are predominantly one ball each encouraging children to get as many touches of the ball as possible.
  • A focus on the five key areas of the game, ball control, passing, shooting, tackling and team play to develop well rounded players.
  • Regular individual coach interventions to highlight players performing skills well or areas for improvement specific to the focus area of the session.
  • Small sided games with age appropriate pitches and goal sizes to allow children to implement the skills that they have learnt in the sessions in competitive situations.
  • Regular assessments and progress checks based on the Kidster ability level system.

Unlimited Access

Kidster offers unlimited sports and personal development coaching sessions available every Friday and Saturday. We have 9 different sports on offer with 1 hour sessions running from 7:30am-6:30pm.

First 30 Days Free

Hundreds of parents love our service and we are sure that you will too, don’t take our word for it though, you can try Kidster for 15 days absolutely free!

High Quality Sports Coaching

At Kidster we provide high quality sports coaching in football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, cricket, golf and martial arts and help children to develop into well rounded individuals!

Kids Football Academy Program Overview

Football Coaching Philosophy

We believe in getting a football from the first minute of our football classes. By giving the children as many touches of the ball as possible this helps them to become as comfortable on the ball. In the skill acquisition phase of the session our activities focus on the development of close control, passing and awareness to help our young players develop the skills needed to play attacking football.

Age Specific Football Classes

Our football coaches are specialized in helping young children to develop and tailor each of the sessions delivered to the children within the group. In our 3-4 age group there is more of a focus on ball control, fundamental movement skills and of course a lot of fun! As the children progress into our older age groups and high abilities the focus shifts to the acquisition of skills and playing within a team

Our Football Coaching Staff

Our football coaches are fully qualified and go through rigorous training in order to ensure that sessions are scaled to the age and ability of the group. During sessions our coaches aim to focus on a particular skill adding progressions with each activity. Our coaching staff then use a competitive scenario at the end of the session to provide a platform for our players to implement the skills that they have learnt.

The 6 Key Areas Of Children's Football Coaching


The dribbling exercises that we incorporate into our football classes are dynamic and fast paced. Children will be challenged to keep the ball under close control, move fluidly with their heads up and be aware of the space around them. These skills on the ball will found the foundations for children to develop through our football academy ability level system. During our team of coaches encourage players to use their dribbling skills where appropriate but not to hold onto the ball to long when a passing opportunity would be a better option.


Developing good passing skills is fundamental to any high quality football training program. At Kidster we incorporate two types of passing drills, firstly we work on static drills that develop good technique using the appropriate part of the football boot and placing the none kicking foot correctly. When a good technique has been developed passing will then be introduced into more dynamic exercises where children will have to pass to a player on the move and develop the ability to pass into space and eliminate defending players.


In order to win a football match your child needs to be able to score goals! Through regular explanation and demonstration our coaches aim to develop technically sound technique in both precision and power shots using the inside of the boot and the laces with appropriate body position. As children form a shooting technique they will be given the chance to practice their shooting in a variety of dead ball and in game situations sometimes under pressure from a defender so that children can develop into good finishers in all scenarios.


Being comfortable on the ball means being able to change direction at will. We incorporate the development of turns and skills into all of our football classes for kids which later helps them to beat defenders and find space for themselves on the pitch in games. One of our favorite parts of the football session is bringing a young player to the front of the group to show off a turn that they have learnt from a star that they watch and TV and then have the group try it too.


For most children defending is not the part of football classes that they look forward to the most although at the Kidster program we do things a little differently. Through the use of games such as the Rondo made famous by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona we teach children how to press the ball and force mistakes from opposing players. These skills then help players to become accomplished defenders and gives them the ability to read the game well as they progress to matches.

Team Play

Through various small sided team play activities we aim to bring the other five aspects of our football coaching program together allowing children to implement their skills under the pressure of friendly competition. These scenarios are something that children look forward to at the end of class and gives the coach the opportunity to intervene solidifying coaching points and helping children to make conceptual links between skills and game scenarios.

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