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Kids Cricket Coaching

Cricket is a popular sport amongst many of the nationalities living in Dubai, our Kwik Cricket format provides a fun and safe platform to allow your children to develop into all round players. We take a holistic approach covering all aspects of the game and keep all activities fun and goal orientated to keep children interested.

Our Children's Cricket Classes Include:

  • 1 hour long sessions with children within their relevant age groups (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years) with specialised equipment used suited to the age of the children.
  • Fundamental movement skills based warm ups to develop relevant skills for cricket such hand eye coordination, throwing, catching and spacial awareness.
  • All activities use equipment and formats
  • A strong emphasis on the sport specific skills required to be a successful player
  • A focus on the three key areas of the game, bowling, batting and fielding and their uses in the context of the sport.
  • Specialist coaching in batting and bowling to teach different techniques and situations in which they might be used in games.
  • Regular individual coach interventions to highlight players performing skills well or areas for improvement specific to the focus area of the session.
  • Kwik cricket format games allowing children to implement the skills that they have learnt and to gain an understanding of the scoring system, the field set up and the various field positions and roles of each player.
  • Regular assessments and progress checks based on the Kidster ability level system.

Unlimited Access

Kidster offers unlimited sports and personal development coaching sessions available every Friday and Saturday. We have 9 different sports on offer with 1 hour sessions running from 7:30am-6:30pm.

First 30 Days Free

Hundreds of parents love our service and we are sure that you will too, don’t take our word for it though, you can try Kidster for 15 days absolutely free!

High Quality Sports Coaching

At Kidster we provide high quality sports coaching in football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, cricket, golf and martial arts and help children to develop into well rounded individuals!

Kids Cricket Academy Program Overview

Cricket Coaching Philosophy

We aim to help our young athletes to develop into accomplished player through our tiered ability cricket training program. Through our curriculum we aim to help children to develop their skills through progressive activities that introduce more advanced techniques as the children progress. Within each coaching session we aim to incorporate all four aspects of the game detailed below helping children to become good all rounders.

Our Cricket Coaches

Our fully qualified cricket coaches are specialists in working with young cricketers. Our coaches aim to ensure that sessions are delivered at a fast paced with dynamic exercises that keep children interested and develop skills such as speed, agility and cardiovascular fitness, all attributes of a successful cricketer. Our coaches always keep in mind the age and ability of the group and choose activities and drills that will be most suited to the group as a whole.

Kids Cricket Training Program Structure

Each of our cricket coaching classes can be broken down into 4 stages. Each session begins with a fundamental movement focussed warm up that gets children active and engaged at the start of the class. We then progress to the skill acquisition phase of the session focussing on the main three elements of cricket coaching. The final part of the session is reserved for a competitive scenario that will involve a shortened format of  the game suitable to the ability of the group.

The 4 Key Areas Of Our Kids Cricket Academy


In all of the sports that we coach at Kidster we believe in developing the athlete first and then layering sports specific skills on top of this. In our kids cricket coaching sessions this involves activities that develop speed, agility, quickness, hand eye coordination as well as throwing, catching and striking abilities. The development of these core skills help children to become natural batters, bowlers and fielders as they progress. The great thing about these drills are that they are also applicable to other sports too!


In our cricket academy we have two aims to the fielding drills that children  participate in during classes. The first aim is to give children the throwing, catching and gathering techniques that they need to effectively field. When children are competent with these basic skills we then progress to helping them to become good fielders in the context of the game with techniques such as walking in, backing up and an understanding of the key positions and the roles of these positions in a game.


When teaching children bowling our first priority is to help children develop a good grip and bowling action. Through the use of structured drills we aim to help children develop an appropriate run up and coiling action before delivery. After children have developed good basic bowling technique we aim to help children to find their bowling style. Coaches allow children to learn and experiment with fast, seam and spin bowling to give children the opportunity to discover the style that suits them best.


As experienced cricket coaches we understand that particularly for young children batting can be a challenging aspect of the game. To help children to learn this fun part of the game we help children to progress gradually, from a hitting tee, to a drop feed, to an under arm feed before then receiving full bowls. This approach allows children to focus on their betting technique hitting shots in a format that they are comfortable with before progressing to something more challenging.

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