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Children's Basketball Coaching In Dubai

Children's Basketball Coaching

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that we have at Kidster and the fast and dynamic nature of the sport is fantastic for children of all ages. Our program offers holistic coaching in all aspects of the game first getting children comfortable with the ball in their hands whilst moving around spaces before graduating to more technical aspects of the sport like shooting, passing and team play.

Our Kids Basketball Classes Include:

  • 1 hour long sessions with children within their relevant age groups (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years)
  • Fundamental movement skills based warm ups to develop coordination, balance, speed, strength and awareness.
  • Our activities are predominantly one ball each encouraging children to get used to having the ball handling, moving around the space and awareness.
  • A focus on the five key areas of the game ball handling, shooting, passing and defence.
  • We aim to give our young players a strong understanding of the court, positional play and the rules to allow children to get into gameplay as quickly as possible.
  • Regular individual coach interventions to highlight players performing skills well or areas for improvement specific to the focus area of the session.
  • Regular assessments and progress checks based on the Kidster ability level system.

Unlimited Access

Kidster offers unlimited sports and personal development coaching sessions available every Friday and Saturday. We have 9 different sports on offer with 1 hour sessions running from 7:30am-6:30pm.

First 30 Days Free

Hundreds of parents love our service and we are sure that you will too, don’t take our word for it though, you can try Kidster for 15 days absolutely free!

High Quality Sports Coaching

At Kidster we provide high quality sports coaching in football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, cricket, golf and martial arts and help children to develop into well rounded individuals!

Kids Basketball Academy Program Overview

Basketball Coaching Philosophy

We believe in developing well rounded athlete and plays through our age specific basketball coaching classes for kids. Our program involves a blend of fitness as well as the development of key skills both with and without the basketball. We also believe in healthy competition with our kids basketball academy and incorporate challenge based games and challenges within our sessions.

Our Basketball Coaches

Our fully qualified basketball coaches follow a structured program that is suitable to the age and ability of the children in the basketball classes. Our coaches have years of experience working with children from 3 years up and combine both individual and group interventions with high quality demonstrations, drills and competitive scenarios to help our kids basketball players to fulfill their potential.

Kids Basketball Class Structure

Our basketball sessions start with a warm up in which children will typically have one ball each. This offers a chance for child to develop ball handling skills and awareness moving in space with the ball. The session then moves to focus on skill acquisition where children develop the 6 keys of basketball. Lastly the session is concluded with a competitive scenario where children execute these skills in a game situation.

The 6 Key Areas Of Children's Basketball Coaching


In children’s basketball the first element that children should become competent in is the ability to move with the ball. This involves a combination of ball handling ability, body awareness and a knowledge of the key rules relating to dribbling, namely traveling and double dribbling. In our basketball classes these skills are developed through challenging games where children move at a variety of speeds often having to negotiate other players and obstacles.


Shooting is a core competent of any children’s basketball program and a key skill that all player’s in successful youth basketball team should possess. Through our shooting based activities and drills our basketball coaches aim to develop solid technical fundamentals and strong spatial awareness relevant to the basketball hoop. When these shooting fundamentals are in place children then progress to shooting under time pressure and with opposing players around.


In order to work effectively as a team and move the ball around the basketball court children need to master the main passing techniques. Through a variety of pair and team based activities children will learn the fundamentals of bounce, chest and overhead passes before progressing to more advanced passes like the wrap around pass. As well as developing good technique Our coaches aim to educate children on the right context to use each pass.


Typically defense is a part of the game that young basketball players don’t enjoy, preferring activities with the ball. To combat this our basketball program incorporates fun challenge based games incorporating the correct defensive positions. These activities help children to understand the positions and importantly the footwork required to defend correctly. Our defense drills start as independent drills before teaching children to defend the basket in teams.


At Kidster we aim to help our young basketball players to develop into well rounded athletes. Our program incorporates activities developing speed, endurance and upper body strength. These transferable skills accelerate children’s progress on court and in other athletic disciplines. All of our basketball fitness activities are scaled to the age and ability of the group to ensure appropriate task achievability to ensure that children enjoy this part of the basketball class.


As children develop the other five key areas of kids basketball coaching our coaches aim to help them to implement these skills within game style situations. These activities are a mixture of 1v1 and small sided games allowing children to understand the importance of working in a team, the various positions on the court, the main rules of the game and also the scoring system. For children in the later stages of our children’s basketball academy this involves full 5v5 games.

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