Seven Ways To Maintain Interest Levels In Kids Sports

Seven Ways To Maintain Interest Levels In Kids Sports

For kids Dubai is a great place for children to get involved in sports related kids activities with a wide variety of organizations that offer kids sports academy services throughout the year. In order for a child to go from a beginner level to an elite performer within kids sports it typically takes children between 8-10 years with the need to put in an estimated ten thousand hours worth of practice and kids sports coaching. Considering this if your child is to have success within their kids sports academy in Dubai they will need to maintain high levels of interest and motivation over a long period. In this article we give you as a parent some pointer to ensure that your children’s love for kids sports stays strong all the way through their development at their sports academy whether they are involved in basketball coaching, dance classes or are part of a kids cricket academy.

Take The Lead

From a young age kids look up to their parent in all aspects of life and tend to follow in their footsteps and in this regard kids sports is no different. As such it is your responsibility as a parent to set the tone with regards to playing sports and being active. Children are sponges and will absorb the value that you place on sports which will then overflow into their behaviour as they look forward to sporting based kids activities both within and outside of their kids sports academy.

Make Time For Playing Sports As A Family

In order for children to establish sports as a fun activity for children this begins with you getting involved in sports activities for kids with them. This does not have to be a formal or structured activity and can be as simple as throwing a ball around in the garden or playing bat and ball on the beach. The key is to establish that being active and playing sports is a fun activity and great past time.

Make Sure Fun Is The Focus

When introducing children to a new sport whether this be kids basketball, gymnastics classes or football training the key is to keep the kids activities focussed all around fun. When children are in the early stages of their development they are unlikely to be as interested in perfecting technique but more interested in the act of performing the most stimulating part of the sports like scoring a goals in kids football or making a perfect swish in kids basketball. As such always make sure that you keep things light hearted and have a sense of humor when playing sports as a kids activity or when watching your child at their kids sports academy.

Make Mini Games

When children are taking the first steps within their development as young athletes it is a good idea to observe the activities that they find the most fun and try to turn these into challenges. For example if your child likes throwing the basketball as high as they can in the air, see how many times they can clap whilst the ball is in mid air before catching it. Whilst an activity like this is not totally related to the sport itself and may feel a long way from where you want your child to be and you would much rather that they are working on their free throw technique you shouldn’t take away the aspects of the game that your children find fun as these sources of joy is awhat will keep them coming back for more kids sports each week at their sports academy.

Kids Sports Playdates

A great why to tie in kids sports with social interaction with friends is to invite one of your child’s school buddies for a playdate. This can be at home in the garden if you have the space or in a local park like Safa park or Mushrif park. the key here is to get your child and their buddies active and moving in the outdoors with fun games and challenges similar to those that we discussed earlier on. Before organizing a sports playdate for your child it is a good idea to ask your child which sports related kids activity your child is most interested in and make sure that the friends that they plan to invite have similar interest so that everyone will enjoy the sports activities.

Keep Everything Positive

The last thing that a child needs is to feel that they are a disappointment to an adult and if parents give children this feeling then this can really put children off from participating in kids sports. In situations where your child has not performed to their best focus on other aspects like fun and effort to avoid conversations that could damage children’s self esteem.

Bear In Mind Short Attention Spans

Within our kids sports academy sessions we always have between 4 and 6 different activities set up for the hour long session. When you are playing sports with your children you should bear in mind that most children struggle to stay with one task for more than 15 minutes and that adding multiple activities, variations or progressions of what they are doing will help to ensure that your child stays focussed and improves their skills whilst having fun with the kids activity.

Don’t Underestimate How Inspiring Live Sports Can Be

For kids Dubai has a wide offering a live sports events where some of the best athletes in the world showcase their skills. Attending events such as the DP World and the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Tournament are a great option in terms of things for kids to do in Dubai. When children attend events they are often wowed by the skills and physical abilities of the professional players and this can act as a catalyst for increased motivation within kids sports. If you have the chance to take your child to a professional sports events then don’t miss this opportunity to get your children involved in this kids activity that will undoubtably have a positive impact on their improvement rates at their kids sports academy. Here are some highlights from the last six year of the DP World tour championship to give you a feel for what this high profile sporting event, which is free for children, is like.

Encourage But Don’t Force

When your child is excelling in a sport you should always praise their good performance. If you child struggles it is a great idea to encourage them and focus on none performance based aspects of the game like fun, social interaction and enjoyment but that said there should be no external pressure from your side as the parent if your child is resisting practice or playing a certain kids activity.

How To Find A Suitable Kids Sports Academy Near Me?

We hope that you are now confident in the fact that you have a variety of ways to keep your child engaged in their kids sports coaching. If this has inspired you to get your child started at a kids sports academy then why not take a 30 day free trial of unlimited kids sports coaching  as part of our Kidster program. With this unique program we have sports related kids activities running every hour throughout the day from 8:40am-6:20pm with a total of 8 different kids sports coaching activities on offer.

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