How Young Can Children Start Kids Dance Lessons?

What is the best age for my kids to get started at a kids dance academy?

How Young Can Children Start Kids Dance Lessons?

As kids dance coaching specialists we like to encourage parents looking for kids activities in Dubai to get their children involved in dance classes at a kids dance academy from the age of approximately 4 years old. When considering getting your children involved in kids dance classes it is important to consider the prerequisites that your children will need to have in order to enjoy and learn from their kids dance lessons and also the benefits that they will enjoy by starting dance classes. In. this article we explore some of the reasons why this is the right age for kids to start taking lessons.

What Is Your Child Like?

Before starting with kids dance classes it is important to consider your child’s behaviour, attention span and ability to interact with a group. This includes things like the amount of time that they are able to sit still, whether or not they are potty trained and their ability to interact positively with others. Within our dance classes we find that some children are ready to begin as young as 3 years whilst other children should wait until they are 5 years old. This very much depends on the physiological and psychological development of your child and is something that you will be able to make a joint decision on with your kids dance instructor leading the childrens dance lessons at your child’s kids dance academy.

The Prerequisite Skills Needed To Join A Kids Dance Academy

Kids Dance Classes Require Fundamental Movement Skill

Even to perform basic dance routines children will require basic fundamental movement skills of balance and coordination. If you are thinking of getting your child started with dance classes but are concerned about their skills in these areas then please checkout these coordination and balance drills that will help your child to perform in the early stages of their kids dance academy.

Kids Dance Lessons Requires Social Skills

Throughout dance classes children are required to interact with their dance instructor and other young dancers within the group. Being confident enough to stand, perform and speak in front of another adult and a group of peers has very positive impact on the self esteem and confidence of young children in Dubai. These social skills are transferable to all aspects of family life, interactions with friends and also helps children to be more confident speaking in the classroom.

Required Listening Skills

In order to take part in a kids dance class children should be able to follow basic instructions from their instructor and have the required attention plan required to remain focussed through explanation demonstrations. The best way to check if your child has the required listening skills to start at a kids dance academy is to take them to a trial kids dance class at a time suited to you to see how your child responds to the instruction from the instructor.

Tips For Your Child’s First Steps Within A Kids Dance Academy

Fun Is The Focus

The main aim of dance classes for three and four year olds is to ensure that all members of the group have a lot of fun with the sessions. As such within our kids dance classes we try to ensure that we fit as many kids activities into the hour as possible that are high energy and stimulate the children both mentally and physically.

What To Wear

During our kids dance classes we like to keep our outfits casual, as children reach the more advanced stages of kids dance lessons then they may opt for a leotard or a similar outfit although this is upon the preference of the parent and child and is not a requirement within our kids dance academy.

The Benefits Of Kids Dance Classes

Dance Helps Children With Elements Of School Study

By starting children in dance classes from a young age they will benefit from the development of a variety of skills that will help them in the class room as well as in the dance studio. Through interactions with their dance instructor within their kids dance classes children will develop strong listening skills, patience and the ability to memorize all of which skills will help children to rise to the top of the class within their academic pursuits.

Develops Communication Skills

Within children’s dance lessons children are required to describe, share emotions and make plans often within a group setting. These experiences help children to articulate themselves and also how to act socially within in a group setting. These skills will help them to mature into successful dancers through their kids dance classes but also help them to mature into successful and confident young adults.

How To Find Kids Dance Lessons Near Me?

We hope that this article gave you a good idea of when your little one should get started with dance classes for kids in Dubai. If you want to take the first step of getting your child involved in a kids dance academy then why not take a 30 day trial of unlimited sports coaching as part of our Kidster program. Here your children will get unrestricted access to sports related kids activities every Friday and Saturday at Hartland International School including access to our kids dance classes as part of our kids dance academy program. The best thing about the program is it includes a 30 day free trial which in terms of kids sports coaching in Dubai is the highest value free service in the region. If you have any further questions about this kids sports academy program or anything further that you wi9sh to discuss relating to this article then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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