Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really unlimited?
Yep, with your membership you can attend as many sessions as you like on either Friday or Saturday, we have classes running from 9am- noon and in the afternoon from 1pm-4pm.

What are the age groups?
We have three age groups for our program:

3-4 years
5-7 years
8-11 years

All of our activities are tailored to the age of the children within the group

How do I book?
Our bookings are all done online, as a member you will be able to book any sessions by following the simple steps below:

  1. Choose a venue
  2. Choose age group
  3. Choose session time & activity
  4. Book to confirm your space

Please note that to make sure that our sessions are to the standard we are proud of we limit sessions to maintain coach ratios so make sure you book before classes fill.

What if my child doesn’t like it?
Most children love our camps and we are sure that yours will too. The first thing we would say to this is encourage your child to persevere, a lot of children are apprehensive for the first couple of hours of trying a new activity. If you give it some time and are sure it is not for them you are free to cancel anytime!

Where are you located?
We have multiple locations around Dubai, Mirdif and Sharjah, we aim to have a location within a 20 minute drive of all major locations to see the full list of locations click here:


Who are the sports directors who designed the program?
Our  program is designed by British sports professionals who specialize in coaching children between the ages of 3-11. Our programs aim to help your children develop the skills needed to be a well rounded athlete first and then the skills specific to each sport second.

What are the personal development activities?
Our personal development activities aim to expand your child’s skill set by focussing on high impact activities that are less focussed on is schools. For the younger kids this includes collaboration, fine motor skills and construction and for the older children activities such as debating, enterprise and sustainability.

Who are the coaches?
Our coaches are sports professionals are all UAE based sports professionals with vast experience

What are the ratios?
We work on a ratio of 1 member of staff for every twelve children

Can I send my child for the whole day?
Yes! Just be sure to send your child with some lunch, your child will be escorted to the cafeteria at noon and have an hour to eat their lunch before the afternoon activities start.


Is my child not too young?
This is a question that we get a lot from children in our youngest age group. These sessions are designed with very achievable tasks and reward based systems to make for a great introduction to sport and physical activity for your little one.

Do you accomodate children with special needs?
Yes, if your child requires a personal learning assistant in school then the same will be required at Kidster. This can be someone who accompanies your child to kidster or we can provide an assistant at an additional cost.

Which activities should my child try?
The best thing to do is to allow your children to experience all activities so that they can decide for themselves which ones they enjoy. The below is a rough guide how many activities we recommend for our different age groups:

3-4 years: as many activities as possible- keep them moving!
5-7 year: 4-5 activities
9-11 year: 3-4 activities

If you want more assistance on sport selection please contact us

If my child demonstrates a gift for a certain activity how will I know?
Our coaches are constantly on the lookout for talent so if your child demonstrates a gift for a certain activity or show particular enthusiasm for a sport then we will get in touch with you about this and how to best help them to develop these skills.

Can I sign up for a day/week/month/ whole summer?
You can book for our camps on a weekly basis rate. We also offer further discounts for siblings, groups, multiple week bookings and referrals.

We are flexible, so if you would like to attend only on certain days or spread your booking over an extended period we will be able to do this for you.

Exact pricings can be found on or by contacting us on +971 50 447 3232

What are the timings?
We run half day (9:00-12:30) and full day (9:00-15:30) timings for our camps.

We also have extended hours for 100 dhs per week!

Is Transport Provided?
Yes, we partner with STSS who provide transportation throughout Dubai, and Sharjah to our camp venues with door to door and common pick up locations.


What is the ratio of children per coach?
We work on a maximum ratios of 8 children per coach or 16 children for 2 coaches.

What are the age groups?
We have three main age groups for our camps which are as follows:

3-5 years 6-8 years 9-12 years

All activities are tailored to suit the age of the children in the group.

What activities will my children be involved in?
Our camps offer a blend of sports, personal development and team games activities. The individual activities involved in sports, personal development and team games are as follows:


Physical Problem Solving
Fundamental Movement Skill Challenges
Mini Cricket


Personal Development

Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Fine Motor Skills
Teamwork Challenges
Entrepreneurial Tasks


The amount of time spent on sports and PD are as follows:

Sports Personal  Development Team Games
Half Day 90 mins 45 mins 45 mins
Full Day 270 mins 75 mins 75 mins

Who are the coaches?
Our coaches are qualified sports professionals, normally with a particular level of experience in a certain sport and a broad understanding of all of the sports covered in the camps

What will my children get out of the camps?
Our camps are high energy helping children to stay active and energized during the holidays. Children will receive entry level coaching in all of the sports covered helping them to gain an understanding of basic fundamentals and building their sports specific skills. Children will be put into groups with children of similar ages to themselves, our games are primarily team orientated giving children the opportunity to make new friends. Our personal development activities focus on ancillary skills away from traditional school activities allowing children to develop their creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills.

Can I send my Nanny with my Kids?
No, all students will be chaperoned by highly trained staff during Summer Camp – Exceptions apply for carers for children of determination.

What if my child has special needs ?
Please make KIDS DXB aware of any medical conditions and/or any prescribed medications at the time of registration. Professional carers of Special Needs Children can also attend Summer Camp but please do discuss with us any requirements, at the time of booking. If your child has one on one care in a sports or nursery setting this will be required at the camp either with an assistant accompanying the child at the camp or by us providing an assistant for an additional fee for the week.

Can I do an early drop off / late pick up ?
There will be no supervision before/after camp sign in and sign out timings, and KIDS DXB does not hold responsibility for any incidents that may occur during that time.

What happens if my child gets hurt?
Our coaches are first aid trained, and in the unlikely event of a child requiring medical support or is injured, the parent will be notified immediately and an incident report filed.

What services do you provide?

We try to cater for everyone and have delivered all kids of parties from Batman to Hello Kitty to Wheels on the bus! Here’s the main areas that we cover:

  • Venue
  • Party Leaders with themed games and PA system
  • Entertainers
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Extras


Who are the entertainers?
Party specialists with experience working with children between the ages of 3-11

Do you provide food?
Yes and lots of different kids for both children and adults

Do you have a venue we can use?
Yes, we are able to offer parties at the Meydan Hotel, Hartland International School as well as a variety of other soft play and family attraction locations.


Can you come to our house?
Yes we can, for complex parties we will also visit you at your place beforehand to discuss your requirements, spaces to be used etc.

Do I have to pay in advance?
Yes, to confirm your party date we require a 250 dirham deposit, the remaining amount should be paid one week before the party.

Can I change my requirements?
Yes, following paying the deposit we give 3 days to finalise everything so any changes needed should be made during this time.

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