Tips For A Cost Effective Kids Birthday Party

How to save those precious dirhams whilst staging the perfect kids birthday party

Tips For A Cost Effective Kids Birthday Party

As parents we are sure that you are aware that a kids birthday party in Dubai can be a very expensive affair. In this article we can give you some tips on how to plan your next kids birthday party in the most cost effective way possible so that you can save some dirhams whilst not sacrificing any of the magic of your child’s big day.

Start Shopping Early

If you have a theme for a children’s birthday party in Dubai planned out well in advance then this gives you the opportunity to shop around for any favours, goody bag items, decorations or props that you might need so that you can find the right price. Last minute planning inevitably results in paying over the odds for items that you are rushing to get just in time for a birthday party for kids.

Go Digital On Invites With A Whatts App Group!

Printed invites can be costly for kids birthday party and typically mean making a trip to the local printer. Save the money and the hassle by designing your own kids birthday invitations with easy to use software like Google Slides. Then create a whatts app group with the parents of all of the children invited to the kids birthday party on it and post the invite here. The group will be a great place to post pictures of the big day afterwards and allow you to connect with the parents of your child’s friends so are a much better way to spread the word than more costly paper invites.

Avoid Party Store Mark Ups

What party stores give in convenience by bringing items related to kids birthday party decorations into one place, as a parent you will be paying a hefty premium for this service. As experienced birthday party planners with years of experience planning birthday parties for kids in Dubai we can advice you that buying from stores such as party centre can be up to 40% more expensive than going to the supermarket or to other suppliers to search out for decorations, props and goody bag fillers for your party.

Use Supplies That You Have In House

When it comes to decorations and activities look for ways in which you can do it yourself. Checkout this link which contains a series of kids birthday party DIY tips that you can use to create props and decorations without breaking the bank.

Make Your Own Cake

At childrens birthday parties the cake can be one of the most expensive items but it doesn’t need to be that way. Check out the birthday party cake recipes and instructions in this link so that you can make the cake yourself. If your little one is a keen cook or baker making the kids birthday cake together can be a great educational parent and child activity in the lead up to your kids birthday party.

Do A Craft Activity That Doubles As A Favors

If the birthday party for kids in Dubai that you are planning can incorporate an arts and crafts activity that gives the opportunity for children to take away something that they have made that relates to the birthday party then this can be a great way of eliminating the need for goody bags or party favours. In the link we give some ideas for some great arts and crafts kids activities that will allow the guests of your childrens birthday party to take away a self made memento to remember the special day by.

Use Imagination

Children have broad imaginations and you should help them to use this with the games that you play with the children to take a away the need for props that can be expensive to purchase. For example within a kids birthday party in Dubai you could spray paint some rocks with gold spray paint and have these be the ‘treasure’ that children have to seek out during a treasure hunt. These gold nuggets can then be gifted to the finders to take home as party favours.

Use Zero Cost Activities

There are a variety of fun activities for kids that can be played at a kids birthday party that ensure that the kids have a blast while not costing you a penny. In the below video we look at some cost free activities that are perfect for children’s birthday party that you could use for your child’s big day.

Share Your Party With A Friend

A great way of halving the cost of your child’s birthday party is by sharing it with a friend. Be sure to pick one of your child’s buddy who has similar interest to your child for their kids birthday party and you are on to a shore fire way to save anywhere between 500 and 2000 dirhams by having a joint childrens birthday party in Dubai.

Only Outsource The Parts That You Have To

If you are going top get help with anything relating to a birthday party for kids then the best way to save on costs here is to only outsource the bits that you have to. For example instead of paying large venue costs many parents that we work with to organize their kids birthday party choose a public venue like a park or beach. Alternatively if you have the space to stage your child’s birthday party at home this gives you the chance to take care of the venue and the foods costs leaving only the entertainment and decorations to be sorted which will undoubtably save considerable costs on your kids birthday party.

My Kids Birthday Party Is Approaching…

If your child’s birthday party is approaching and you need some assistance then we are here to help with economical parties available to help you to make your child’s big day a special one without breaking the bank. To get started just visit of kids birthday party page to make an enquiry with our professional kids birthday party planner. Here we will look at your needs and budget and tailor the perfect party to suit the needs of your child, budget and guests. With kids birthday party venues, food, decorations, party leaders and entertainers all available within our packages or customer children’s birthday party service we have something for everyone!

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