How To Choose Kids Activities In Dubai

How To Choose The Best Kids Activities For Your Child

Choosing Activities For Kids In Dubai

When your children are in the early stages of learning the choice of kids activities in Dubai relating to sports can seem endless. As sports coaches we recommend helping your child narrow this down initially to around 5 or 6 kids activities that they can try at an entry level before reducing this to around 3 activities that they can learn practice and participate in on a weekly basis. Choosing these 6 activities for kids can be tricky with some children wanting to try everything whilst other kids are more reluctant about new experiences. In this article we help to guide you on some of the sporting related activities for kids in Dubai that they might be most suited to based on their natural tendencies.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Sporting Related Kids Activities

Individual Or Team Sports

When thinking about which kids activity your child might like to try it is a good idea to consider how your child copes with group and individual activities. If you child is a social butterfly in the classroom and at home then it might be a good idea to introduce them to be more team sports. Alternatively if your child prefers to get things done on their own then it might be a god idea to try a few team sports. As sports coaches in Dubai we always recommend that at a young age even if children show a strong passion for individual sports it is often a good idea for them to be involved within at least one team based kids activities in Dubai.

Physical Strengths

Certain sports such as basketball and athletics lend themselves to children who are bigger, taller and stronger, as such if your child demonstrates these traits it can be a good idea to encourage them to try some of these activities where they will likely experience higher levels of success and enjoyment.

Psychological Traits

If your child demonstrates high levels of focus and perseverance it can be an idea to encourage them to play sports that have a very high level of training volume in order to excel in the kids activity such as gymnastics or golf.

Place An Emphasis On Enjoyment and Skill Development

Whichever sport your child is involved in it is a good idea to place more of an emphasis on the process of learning and the experience as apposed to a win at all costs outcome. The below TED talk gives an outline of this concept from the perspective of a sports coach and can also be a great insight for parents as they seek to get children involved in activities for kids in Dubai.

Which Sporting Kids Activity Is Right For My Child


If your child is energetic, social and eager to learn football coaching can be a kids activity to get your child involved in. As sports coaches we often here from parents that children with a passion for football have been kicking any ball shaped objects like  that comes into their side around the house and garden since the time that they could walk whether this be Christmas baubles or rolled up socks if this is your child then kids football classes could be a great option as a kids activity child.


If your child shows high levels of focus and determination and likes to spend time tumbling on the carpet or using the edge of the sofa as a balancing beam then gymnastics could be a great activity for your child. At our kids gymnastics academy we always inform parents that gymnastics is a kids activity that children should start at an early age to ensure that high levels of flexibility are developed and as such we have children as young as 3 years old involved in our gymnastics related kids activities in Dubai.


Swimming is a lifeskill that in our opinion is a kids activity that all children should be involved in so that they can be safe in and around water. In addition to this for many children swimming can become a major avenue for competition and the development of extremely high levels of cardio vascular fitness and muscular strength through daily involvement in this kids activity in Dubai. If your child never wants to get out of the bath, wants to go in the water as soon as they get to the beach or takes a strong interest in water based animals then swimming could be your child’s passion as a kids activity.


If your children tends to prefer to pick up, throw and bounce balls that are left around the house rather than kicking them then children may want to opt for basketball. Installing a kids basketball hoop somewhere around the home can be a great way of gauging your child’s interest for this kids activity to see if they ensure this target based sport team sport.


If your child demonstrates high levels of patience, concentration and focus as well as enjoying their own company then this sport can be a great activity for kids. The golf swing is also a very technical movement meaning that children with attention to detail and a keen ability to solve problems often excel in this sport. Dubai has some of the best golf courses in the world and its possible to play the sport all year round even when things heat up in the summer due to the slower tempo of the sport making golf a great choice as a kids activity in Dubai.


If your child is super active and wants to move and run wherever they go then athletics could be a great activity for your child. Athletics is an activity that requires fast twitch muscle fibers in order to excel. In order to test your child’s natural athletic ability  tests such as the vertical jump, 30 metre dash and maximum cricket ball throw that will help you to benchmark your child in the athletic disciplines of running, jumping and throwing. If your child falls below these benchmarks then don’t worry, physical development is not linear and they may have a big jump in performance later so if they have a passion for athletics then encourage them to continue, if not then it might be better to look for a more technical sport.


As sports coaches in Dubai we would like to advice that the above is simply a guide for choosing activities for kids and other factors such as family sporting interests, sports played within friendship groups and cultural factors will also come into play. That said we hope that you found the above useful as a way of giving your kid a push in the right direction with regards to their children’s activities in Dubai. After introducing your child to sports you should let them decide which sports they want to pursue further based on their passions and feedback as this will increase the likelihood of the intrinsic motivation needed to put in the hours of practice and dedication to maximize their potential in the sport and reap the benefits of a lifetime of involvement within this kids activity.

How To Find Activities For Kids Near Me

We hop that this article has given you some great ideas about which kids activities might be a good fit to get your children involved in here in Dubai. if the sports section of this blog post grabbed your attention then our Kidster Program could be a great way to get your children involved in more sports. This unique kids sports academy gives your children access to 8 different sports including football, gymnastics and martial arts. The program has kids activities running every Friday and Saturday from 8:40am and 6:20pm and the 30 day trial option will give your children a great chance experience sports that they might want to pursue further.

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