Kids DXB Superhero Party

Take on your favourite animated movie stars with Kids DXB superheros party!

Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes

Nemesis Inferno: A large circle is marked out with all of the children inside. A ‘nemeis inferno fireball’ (swiss ball) is then rolled through the circle, the last person to get hit by the comet is the winner.

Warm Up 5-10 mins

Superman vs Batman Battle: Power Pads (Hoops) are laid out in a trail around the space with one group of children at one end and one at the other, one will be team superman and one will be team batman. The aim is to jump from one powerpad to the next and invade the enemy base.

Catch Superman: Superman will be velcroed onto the back of one of the children with the other children assigned as baddies try to catch superman’s cape.

———-water break——–

Challenge Time 15-35 mins

Capture The Flag: Children stay in their superhero teams for a game of capture the flag with the space divided into 2 zones.

Heros and Villians Connect 3: Teams are divided into 2 heros and villains with a tic tac toe board placed between the groups. Children have to race to the middle position and place there team marker in the board. A team that connects three markers wins!

———-water break——–

Games 40-60 mins
Activities finish on a high with game based activities giving children the chance to work off that least bit of energy before birthday cake!

Who’s That Hero: Children put into pairs, with one child given a picture of a superhero. One partner draws the hero whilst the other guesses. The pair with the most accurate picture is the winner.

Capture The Baddies: ‘Baddies’ figures are hidden around the party space with children capturing as many baddies as possible to win points for their team.

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