Kids DXB Princess Party

The dream party for your little girl, packed with features from your little ones favourite fairy tales.

We can also arrange for one of our local Dubai Disney Princesses to be the host for your party.

Whether its Cinderella, Belle or Snow White, seeing a princess in real life can be a pretty special moment for most young girls!

Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes
This game gets the whole group interacting together getting the children familiar with the party leader and allowing everyone to come out of their shell. Our leader can also come dressed as your child’s favourite Princess…

Here our party leader will find out everyone’s Princess names and talk about their Princess stories.

Warm Up 5-15 mins

Magic Carpet: Magic carpets (hoops) are laid out in a trail around the space with one group of children at one end and one at the other. The aim is to jump from carpet to carpet and get to the other teams castle.

The Last Rose Petal (Belle): Each girl gets a baloon (rose) and you ahve to see who can keep their “rose” off the floor the longest.

———-water break——–

Princess Challenges 15-35 mins

Frogs and Prince Charming: A treasure hunt inspired game where children have to find frogs around the party space. The frog with the star sticker on the bottom is prince charming and earns the team extra points!

Who’s The Princess?
The group divides into two teams. Each team acts out the stroy of a different Princess and the other team has to guess which story is being acted out.

———-water break——–

Get Creative 40-60 mins

Tiaras: Here all of our Princesses will get the chance to make their own Tiaras.We bring paper tiaras to decorate, along with glitter, jewels and coloured pens!

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