Kids DXB Popstar Party

Your children can transform into their favourite pop star with Kids DXB’s popstar party.

Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes

Popstar and Fan: A circle is formed with 1 child outside of the circle as the fan. One child within the circle is selected as the popstar and the other people in the circle are security. The fan has to try to catch the popstar as the circle rotates.

Warm Up 5-15 mins

Simon Sings: You can’t be a pop star without warming up your voice. Here you play a variation on Simon Says but with pop songs!

Dancing Queen Mirrors: One child is a dancer and the other is a mirror and must try to copy the dancer.

———-water break——–

Challenges 20-30mins

Pass The Popstar: Pass the parcel with a pop related question / challenge at each level and a prize inside the final layer!

Dance By Numbers: 6 dance moves are given a number then an oversized dice is rolled, when the dice stops the children should start to dance to the corresponding number.

Activities 30-60mins
Make Your Microphone: We’ll provide materials for kids to make and customise their very own microphones.

Popstar performance:
Sing along to our tunes with solos, duets and group performances and have your very own X-factor competition…

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