Kids DXB Builders Party

A hit with the boys, this party lets the children get work on building the next Burj Khalifa. With a variety of fun and educational building based activities this is a great party for the young engineers.

Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes

Demolition Ball: A large circle is marked out with all of the children inside. A ‘demolition ball’ (swiss ball) is rolled through the circle, the last person to get hit by the ball is the winner.

Warm Up 5-15 mins

Foreman Says: The Birthday Boy or Girl is the foreman and calls out construction based instructions.

Wheelbarrow Relay: Children get into pairs and race around the building site track in a wheelbarrow race!

———-water break——–

Challenge Time 15-35 mins

Marshmallow Skyscrapers: Children are given 10-15 minutes to construct as tall a tower as possible for marshmellows and toothpicks

Nail Toss Challenge: Children are divided into three to 4 teams and have to try to through nails (golf tees) into a construction hard hat, different number of points are awarded based on the difficulty of the shot.

———-water break——–

Games 40-60 mins
Activities finish on a high with game based activities giving children the chance to work off that least bit of energy before birthday cake!

Hammer Time:
Children press nails (golf tees) into a block of wood (polystyrene) to spell out their names. These can then be decorated with coloured pens for the kids to take home!

Shovel It: A large number of cotton balls are put into a bowl. Two players are blindfolded and have to scoop the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using a small plastic shovel (within a time limit). When the time is up, count the cotton balls and the one with the most cotton balls wins.

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