Kids DXB Sports Party

Kids DXB are sports specialists, choose from any of the below sports and we will provide a host of games activities and all the equipment needed for the perfect sports party.

Games And Activities

Choose from any of the sports listed and we will provide a host of warm up, skill based challenges and game situations delivered by a sports specialised party leader.



Sports Party Structure


Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes
This game gets the whole group interacting together getting the children familiar with the party leader and allowing everyone to come out of their shell.

Warm Up 5-15 mins
Our warm up games get everyone moving, we start with a non sport specific warm up and then transition to a sports specific activity.

----------water break--------

Skill Based Challenges 15-35 mins
Next we will set up a series of engaging sports specific skill based challenges that will focus on a variety of different aspects of the sport.

----------water break--------

Game Style Scenarios 40-60 mins
Activities finish on a high with game based activities giving children the chance to show off their skills in a semi competitive scenario.


How To Enquire

If this seems like the party for you, get in touch below and we'll send over a quote!