Kids DXB Fireman Party

A great party for any guys or girls who love playing firemen and high energy games!

Games And Activities


Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes

Over and Under: Children are put into pairs and have to go over and under one another avoiding the "flames" to rescue their friends.

Warm Up 5-15 mins 

Mind The Hose: Children have to jump over a ‘hose’ (rope) as it orbits the party leader in the middle of the circle.

Bucket Bash: Two teams race to fill their buckets with water using only sponges - a fun outdoor game.

----------water break--------

Challenge Time 15-35 mins 

Hot Coals: Hoops are laid out in a trail around the space with one group of children at one end and one at the other. The aim is to jump quickly from one hoop to another and avoid getting your feet burnt on the hot coals.

Fireman Sam’s Dash: A race against time between two teams to complete a relay race whilst wearing fireman related props.

----------water break--------

Games 40-60 mins
Activities finish on a high with game based activities giving children the chance to work off that least bit of energy before birthday cake!

Water Dodgeball: Dodgeball with water balloons!

Drench The Fireman: Take aim at the party leader with water balloons


How To Enquire

If this seems like the party for you, get in touch below and we'll send over a quote!