Kids DXB Fairies Party

Fly to a faraway land with Kids DXB’s fairy party. Popular with the girls, this party allows children to get enchanted with a little bit of magic from our fairy party.

Games And Activities


Icebreaker 0- 5 minutes

Our party leader will introduce herself as the Queen fairy and tell an engaging tale about her life and adventures.

Warm Up 5-15 mins 

Fairy Freeze Tag: A sun fairy and a snow fairy are given wands, the snow fairy aims to freeze all of the children and the sun fairy unfreezes them.

Pixie Dust Relay: Pixie dust is made with a mixture of send and glitter. Two teams race to fill their fairy jar with pixie dust- careful not to spill the dust.

----------water break--------

Challenge Time 15-35 mins 

Lily Pad Hop: Lilypads (hoops) are laid out in a trail around the space with one group of children at one end and one at the other. The aim is to 'fly' from hoop to hoop eventually getting to the end of the trail and conquering the other team's base.

Pin The Wings On the Fairy: Adapted version of pin the tail on the donkey.

----------water break--------

Games 40-60 mins
Activities finish on a high with game based activities giving children the chance to work off that least bit of energy before birthday cake!

Build Your Own Wand:
This engaging arts and crafts activity allows children to build their own wands using lollipop sticks, glitter and felt tips.

Free The Fairies:
Printed fairies are hidden around the party space, having been hidden by an evil fairy queen, the children must find the fairies to free them. The team that free the most wins.


How To Enquire

If this seems like the party for you, get in touch below and we'll send over a quote!