Adult Party

The perfect party games schedule for adults or a party with a mixture of adults and kids.

Adult Party Program

4 Station Rotation 0-40 minutes

The group will be divided into teams with each team going to one of the below stations. Each team is given group name and a space on the whiteboard scorecard and will rotate around each of the below 10 minute activities with scores given for each activity

1) Pictionary/Charades

Guess the name of the person place or thing being acted out (charades) or sketched on the board.

2) Golf Putting

A golf putting challenge with tiered difficulty levels for experienced and less experienced players.

3) Ring Toss

Try to get as many points as possible tossing a ring onto a stick!

4) Giant Jenga

Build a giant tower in the time allowed, careful not to let it wobble and fall!

Group Games

We then bring the whole group together for a series of fun games!


Elimination game going under the stick to the music

Musical Chairs

A birthday party favourite, don’t be the last to sit down when the music stops.

Pass The Parcel

A birthday party favourite, unwrap one layer at a time when the music stops until the winner is revealed.

Who Am I?

Guess the name of the famous person stuck on your head by asking questions

Ring On A String

A detective is selected who’s job is to try and find a ring that is being passed around a circle on a string with the detective in the centre.

How To Enquire

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