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Kids DXB is a team comprised of entrepenerial sports professionals and Dubai school graduates on a mission to deliver opportunity and fun activities to children of Dubai. Here’s why we do what we do…

Learning journeys are rewarding, joyful and enlightening, they construct the futures of the learner and shape who they are.

We provide unlimited high quality learning opportunities for young people and maximising ease of booking and convenience and minimising costs to parents

We provide unlimited sports and personal development opportunities to children at multiple locations across Dubai as well of lots of other family related benefits as part of a monthly subscription

What To Expect

Here’s some key info about what we are all about and what to expect from us…


We work tirelessly to offer products that are broad, convenient, affordable and high quality. From birthday parties to holiday camps, to unlimited sports coaching have got you coverred.


We deliver carefully curated content to help you as parents to provide avenues for your child to excel both from a sport, academia and social perspective.


We carefully pick our locations, transport options and session timing to fit in with your busy schedules!


We pride ourselves on the value for money of our services and offer price match guarantee to back it up!


Booking is easy all in one place and linked to our amazing customer support team to help you with any queries along the way.


All of our staff are qualified sports coaches. To ensure consistency, when joining the Kids DXBteam all staff members undergo an intensive training course and spend time shadowing ourhead coaches.

Meet The Team

Here’s a bit of info on the team and some pics of them when they were kids just like yours!


Tom is an entrepeneur with a passion for education and technology.

Having moved to Dubai aged 15 and graduating from Jumeirah College Tom has a strong knowledge of the educational industry in the middle east.

He is also a keen sportsman, crossfitter and PGA Professional golfer.

Marcus Dunning

Marcus has vast experience in sports coaching having headed up the growth of Golf DXB, Dubai’s leading sports academy.

Marcus now applies is strong business skills to form partnerships with key players in he market to deliver more value to you!

Head Of Marketing

Aaron has a strong attention to detail and a customer orientated focus, spotting new trends so that we can deliver new products to you in creative and fun ways.

Head Of Product

Born and raised in the UAE, Zahra has a drive to deliver the best to the parents and children in the UAE by seeking innovative solutions that solve real life problems.

She enjoys reading, writing and listen to music

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Our Partnerships

Kids DXB- Learning Shapes Futures
  • ADIB
  • Dubai College UAR
  • Duplays
  • Emirates Golf Federation
  • Emirates International School
  • Etisalat
  • European Tour
  • Hartland International School
  • Meydan
  • Dubai Stars
  • Justmop
  • Novo