9 Famous Routines For Kids Dance Classes

Prepare your child for their dance classes for kids with these classic routines

9 Famous Routines For Kids Dance Classes

If your child enjoys dancing or already takes weekly kids dance classes then it is a great idea to get them moving to the beat when they are aware from their children’s dance academy too. A great way to do this is to get them familiar with a series of catchy songs that have kids dance routines associated with them that are fun, easy to learn and a great bridge to more advanced skills. In this article we look at nine of the best dance routines for kids to help them build their skills and confidence to translate to their kids dance classes.

The Macarena

This Spanish dance routine is one of the most popular dances in the world and is a favorite at kids birthday parties in Dubai so might be a dance routine that your children are already familiar with. This routine has a great rhythm and a very easy to remember routine that involves different part of the body and a spinning motion so is great as an introductory routine for kids who are just starting out with their kids dance classes.

The Cha Cha Slide

The cha cha slide is a great move for young dancers to learn as the dance routine instructions are packaged into the lyrics of the song meaning that no memorisations is required so children can focus on their routine rather than having to remember a complicated dance routine.


Despite the fact that this song is slightly dated it is still very popular with children in primary school across the world. You can even kill two birds with one stone here with this routine as it gives children the chance to practice letters of the alphabet that they have to make the shapes of throughout the routine.


This song allows children to be flexible rather than having a very fixed routine meaning that they can work on their improvisation skills and go with the flow within this kids dance routine.


This dance routine is a regular during our kids dance classes at our kids dance academy. We recommend having your children try this dance routine if they are 8 years and above as the dance routine is more difficult and the accompanying movie with the song can be a little frightening for young children.

Watch Me Whip

This song was released more recently than the first three routines in this article so as such is one that your kids might already know and be able to teach you! This song has very catchy lyrics and the video is great to inspire your children as features young dancers.

Chicken Dance

This dance is very repetitive in nature and easy to learn and as such is a very good dance for young children to learn. Within kids dance classes in Dubai this dance move is very popular in the three and four year old age categories.

Gangnam Style

This 2015 hit is very popular with kids but be warned the song can get a little annoying so be prepared to here this song being repeated around the house if you introduce your child to this kids dance routine.

Hokey Pokey

The hokey pokey is a great dance for young children to do as a group and promotes social interaction as well as coordination. This can help children get used to coordinating different parts of the body and also begin to form children’s ability to dance within a group.

For Young Children Emphasize Fun

For young children it is always a good idea to make sure that fun remains the focus in the routine. Remember that kids are full of energy and will often enjoy going a bit off tasks or over exaggerating certain movements within the routine. The fun that they have doing this should not be denied from them as their is plenty of time to polish up on their technique later as they get older and in the later stages of their kids dance classes.

Other Skills To Help Children With Dance Routines

As your child progresses within their kids dance classes it is important that they develop the skills needed to be able to follow a choreographed routine which is likely to start with simple routines like the ones outlined in the above before progressing to more complex routines as your child moves up through the ability levels of their kids dance classes program. Here are some tips to help your child get more familiar with a dance routine

Put some music on whilst your child is doing a specific activity around the house, whether this is laying the table, bath time or brushing their teeth hearing the same song repetitively will help them to start to make a routine with consistent movements in time to the beat which forms the basis of choreography within a kids dance routine. Having different paced songs for different activities can help children to recognize rhythm and the importance of matching different types of movements to different routines.

Use Positive Enforcement When Your Child’s Routine Improves

Whether inside or outside of kids dance classes it is always important to ensure that kids are given plenty of positive reinforcement whenever you notice that your child is making improvements within their dance routine.  If you are not a competent dancer yourself then the things that you are looking for here are increased fluidity of movement, better matching of movement to rhythm and improved coordination of your child’s body as they move through the routine.

How To Find Kids Dance Classes Near Me?

We hope that you have found this article useful and that you have a lot of fun learning these dance routines outside of your child’s dance classes for kids. If these routines gave you the nudge that you need to get your child started with kids dance lessons then why not try our award winning unlimited sports coaching program Kidster which includes access to our dance academy as well as kids activities in 8 different sports.

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